How to Navigate the Destination Marketing Tech Stack

Simply put, destination marketing has changed. Today’s traveler not only has a more connected network of friends to recommend the next best place to visit, but also the entire web at their fingertips. There are hundreds of sites and apps (and not to mention user-generated content on social media) out there that help inspire travelers.…Read More


How to Find Micro-Influencers Using CrowdRiff

Influencer marketing has become one of the biggest marketing buzzwords lately. Most of the time, marketers approach this strategy by reaching out to people with large followings. But we’ve actually found that the companies we work with have grown their audiences and engagement by activating the micro-influencers. They may only have 200 followers, not 2000,…Read More


9 Destinations that are Charming Travelers on Twitter

Creating a compelling, engaging social media presence as a destination marketing organization isn’t easy. You have to start a conversation. You have to find a unique way to highlight the best attractions, food, and drink, etc. So new followers and (eventually) visitors can find you, fall in love with your destination, and see you as…Read More


What is Visual Influence? And Why Should Marketers Care?

  Every day, people are constantly being bombarded with the (seemingly) hundreds of photos their friends take in every place they visit. Whether it’s from the Facebook friend who’s sunbathing in Hawaii, or the Instagrammer that’s coffee-shop hopping all over the city — these are visual stories of experiences.  People love and seek experiences. And to find…Read More