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Increase in time on site

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Hammock Coast is a region in Georgetown County, located along the coast of South Carolina that’s been a summer favorite among vacationing families for years. Visitors come here to enjoy its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and getaway atmosphere.

Key Benefits.

  • Driving web traffic to partners with CrowdRiff CTAs
  • Simplifying Instagram comments to cultivate community on social
  • Sourcing a constant supply of fresh and current website visuals

Size of Marketing Team.


Choosing CrowdRiff.

Before CrowdRiff, all the visuals on the Hammock Coast website were professionally commissioned. While beautiful, the challenge with these photos was that they couldn’t keep up with changing seasons (to stay relevant to tourists all year long), or accurately showcase the true diversity of its visitors.

When Lauren Joseph, Hammock Coast’s Tourism Marketing Director, came across another DMO website featuring CrowdRiff’s user-generated photo galleries, she realized this technology could completely transform the look and feel of her website.

Fresh and Relevant Visuals Year-Round.

CrowdRiff galleries have turned the Hammock Coast website into an engaging and visually exciting visitor hub. No longer featuring just one static photo, its homepage now displays a dynamic gallery of visual user-generated content, including everything from nature and beach shots, dining, shopping, and furry friends.

Website visitors can click each photo to see the original caption and photographer, making for not only an aesthetically pleasing experience, but an engaging one too.

New website visuals would’ve once meant commissioning photographers, finding models, and hiring a developer to upload them to the site. But with CrowdRiff, Lauren only takes 10-15 minutes each morning browsing through the new content CrowdRiff has sourced into her collection, and choosing the ones she wants to feature.

Then, it’s just a click of a button, and the visuals are updated on her website galleries.

We have beautiful wedding venues – and wedding photography can get expensive. But if you go to my weddings page we just have a plethora of beautiful user-generated wedding photography.


What’s more, Hammock Coast is driving more traffic to their local businesses than ever before. CrowdRiff’s Call-to-Action (CTA) feature embeds the links of local businesses in their relevant photos, transforming a simple image into a button.

Using CTAs Hammock Coast has directed 20% of their web traffic to their tourism partners.

Another reason Lauren chose CrowdRiff was because it gave her the ability to acquire rights to UGC photos at scale, and strengthen their social media presence.

As a marketing team of one, CrowdRiff’s Conversations feature has been a huge time saver for her. Through CrowdRiff, Lauren can monitor all the new photos and videos being shared on social media at a glance, plus engage with them through sending out likes and comments from within the platform.

“In the first month [using CrowdRiff], we saw almost a 30% increase in Instagram followers.”

With CrowdRiff, Hammock Coast has a constantly growing collection of visuals, that liven up their website into a dynamic and exciting hub people can keep coming back to, to find the latest about the area.

CrowdRiff has given Hammock Coast a better way to boost web traffic for local businesses, interact and build up their community on social, and uniquely market their charming destinations through beautiful user-generated photos.