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10 Ways to Save Time with CrowdRiff

It's an unprecedented time for travel marketers.

Some of us are still adjusting to working from home, busy changing our marketing strategies, and figuring out what to focus on right now. Others are looking to use this time to improve their knowledge and skills or learn something new. And some of us are running business as usual.

For many of us, our days can be busy. You might be posting to social media, writing a blog post, and planning content for a future campaign, all in the same day. 

With so much to do—and a constant need for fresh content to do it—marketers are looking for ways to streamline their efforts and make their lives easier. 

That’s where a visual content marketing platform like CrowdRiff can be so beneficial. Whether you’re looking for UGC for a blog post on local restaurants that are open for takeout, or sharing photos and videos with other teams in your organization, CrowdRiff helps you work both smarter and faster. 

Here are 10 CrowdRiff features that can help you save time every day. 

1| Let CrowdRiff’s Smart features do the work for you 

While one of the biggest benefits of UGC is the sheer amount of it, that can also mean it's hard to sort through everything. 

Among the many great photos you’ll find of your destination’s hiking trails or local businesses, you’ll also find blurry photos, irrelevant videos, and imagery that doesn’t meet your brand standards. 

To find the best content, you need to cut through the noise. CrowdRiff’s Smart features help you do just that, using AI to help you get to the content that matters to you most in the click of a button. 

Smart Curation:

Smart Curation takes the guesswork out of choosing which visuals to use in your marketing. Powered by AI and industry insight, Smart Curation uses data to show you the highest quality images in your library that are likely to perform the best. 


Recommended Assets: 

CrowdRiff learns from you. As you start to interact with and curate images (so for example, those you choose to request rights to or add to website galleries), CrowdRiff’s Recommended Assets starts to understand the type of image you like. It will then make suggestions for more visuals you can use. 

The best part? It only continues to get smarter as you curate more images. 

Similar Photo Finder: 

Let’s say you’re looking for photos for your #DogsOfTrufflesburgh Instagram campaign. You spend some time searching your library and finally find the perfect image of a dog on a hiking trail at sunset. Now you need ten more just like it. 

It can take hours to find one photo that perfectly captures a mood or moment, so what happens if you have to come up with a bunch of them? With Similar Photo Finder, as soon as you find one photo that works, you’ve basically found them all. 


All you have to do is click the “Similar Photo Finder” button, and CrowdRiff will return every other photo in your library that’s similar in style and substance. It cuts down on the time it takes to find a cohesive set of photos. 

2| Quickly access relevant content in your @mentions stream

Let’s say you’re a DMO, and a local resident takes a photo of the sunset from their backyard, tagging you in the photo. 

That’s the power of @mentioned and tagged social media content. When users mention you in their social posts, it can mean they’re engaged. That content is highly relevant to you, and can be really useful in your marketing. 

Keeping an eye out for that content is a great shortcut to finding some of the best visuals from your most engaged brand advocates. CrowdRiff’s @mentioned stream automatically filters out all of those photos and videos, so you can quickly and easily identify it when sourcing imagery. 

3| Use Public Uploader to get high resolution visuals from your community 

Public Uploader is a fast and efficient way for members of your community—like locals or partners—to add photos and videos directly to your CrowdRiff library. 

Whether you’re running a photo contest, looking for high resolution landscape photography, or getting imagery from a professional photographer you work with, Public Uploader is a great way to do it. 

CrowdRiff's own Public Uploader. 

Rather than worrying about how to transfer large files or gather contest entries, just share your Public Uploader link or add it to your social media bios so people can use it. Then, they can upload photos to your content library from any device. 

4| Crop and edit your visuals in seconds with Creative Editor

Editing photos for each of your marketing channels—whether that’s Instagram Stories, your blog, or website—is a pretty standard task for most marketers. 

When you consider all of the different sizes, aesthetics, and filters needed for each of them, it can take up a lot of your time. 

You can turn to Creative Editor for help. You’re able to prep photos without having to leave your library, eliminating the need to download and reupload them elsewhere or use multiple tools to get the job done.

Here are a few things you can do with Creative Editor:

  • Crop photos to common social media sizes (like a Facebook cover photo, Instagram Story, or standard aspect ratios) 
  • Add filters and adjust photo brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. 
  • Add text and stickers 

5| Image Recognition automatically adds keywords so you don’t have to 

Adding keywords to your images is one of the best ways to organize and find them. 

For example, in the image below, you might want to add “night”, “star”, and “aurora”. When you need to find the photo later—or photos like it—this will help. 

However, think about how tedious it would be for you to do this yourself. Manually adding keywords to every photo in your library is a time consuming process, which means you likely wouldn’t be super thorough.

CrowdRiff’s Image Recognition does that work for you. Using AI, Image Recognition automatically tags every photo that enters your library with relevant and descriptive keywords. It’s one less task to do yourself!

6| Access partner content with Connect

Your partners have highly relevant content. Think about it—if you’re a DMO, who has better content for you then a local business or attraction unique to your town? 
In CrowdRiff, you can track Instagram Business Accounts, which is a helpful way to get content from partners. But, Connect lets you go one level deeper. All you have to do is simply send your partners—like local shops and restaurants—your unique link, and when they agree, their Instagram Stories and content they’ve been tagged or @mentioned in will come into your CrowdRiff library. 

Connect saves you time by helping you quickly and easily surface great content, while helping you promote your partners at the same time. 

7| Optimize your website with Smart Galleries 

Let’s say you have a visual gallery on your homepage. You’re reviewing your website analytics and see that the photos that seem to be performing best—that is, those with the highest views and engagement rates—are all in the first two rows. 

That’s great, but how do you know if those photos are performing best because they’re truly the most engaging, or just because they’re at the top?


Smart Galleries removes that guesswork. It automatically reorganizes the visuals in your galleries so that those that are seeing the best engagement and interaction are prioritized and shown more frequently. Your galleries are more effective, and you don’t have to do the optimization work yourself. 

8| Quickly say thank you with follow-up comments

When someone approves your rights request on an Instagram photo, what do you do? If you want to ask for a high resolution version of the photo, or simply say thank you (which is always a nice thing to do!), how do you go about doing it? 

It’s not always possible, as you likely just don’t have the time to head to Instagram and manually comment on every approved request.

One of CrowdRiff’s newest features helps you cut down on the time it takes to do this. You can send them really quickly by writing a variety of comments, and when a request is approved, your comment is sent out! 

9| Access your library wherever you are with Sidekick

To save time, you need your visuals to be wherever you are. 

That’s why Sidekick—CrowdRiff’s Chrome extension—is so helpful. Just download this small but powerful tool and anytime you need to access your content library, it’s right there. Whether you’re adding visuals to your newsletter or building a presentation, simply click on Sidekick and add in the visuals you need. 


Plus, it’s a helpful trick for adding imagery directly from Instagram to your library. With 2018’s changes to the Instagram API, you can no longer track imagery in your platform by location. However, if you’re searching by location tag directly on Instagram’s desktop app, you can add a photo to your library with one right click. 

10| Easily share content with partners with Share Links 

Chances are, you likely share a lot of visual content. Whether you’re sending imagery to your agency or sharing visuals with team members, it can take a lot of work and time if you don’t have a good system in place. 

With Share Links, you can quickly select the photos and videos you want to share and CrowdRiff will create a shareable folder for you in seconds. You can name it however you like, and remove sharing permissions whenever you need to. 


The best part? Partners can search it just like you can search your CrowdRiff library. Imagery is easy for them to find, instead of having to manually comb through a folder with a bunch of random file names. 

If you ever need to share photos,  a Share Link is the fastest way to go.

Save time and work smarter

These are just a few of the helpful CrowdRiff features that let you work smarter and faster. We hope you found this roundup helpful!

About the author

Maggie is CrowdRiff’s resident Product Marketing Manager, where she works to define how CrowdRiff adds value to travel marketers across the globe. More often than not, you can find her eating, reading, or obsessively researching her next travel destination.

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