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4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff is pretty well known for its industry-leading visual sourcing, distribution, and rights management capabilities.

However, alongside the ability to easily discover and get the rights to UGC, there are a bunch of other great features that help travel and tourism marketers make the most of their visual content.

In this roundup, we’re sharing 4 cool features that many of our customers love, but that you may not have discovered yet.

Take a look! 

1| Let your social audience, photographers, and team members add to your library with Public Uploader

Public Uploader lets anyone in your community add photos and videos directly to your CrowdRiff library from any device. 

Using a unique link, anyone can feed you visuals quickly and easily. Public Uploader is a great way to grow your content library, save time, and get high-quality imagery. 

Here are a couple of ways our customers love to use Public Uploader.

Run photo contests 

Running a photo contest is a breeze with Public Uploader. Photo contests are a great way to engage your community, generate buzz, and get more UGC from your audience. Public Uploader makes it really easy for participants to submit their photo entries. 

Tip: Make it easier to get rights to the photos submitted by adding that qualification to your contest terms and conditions. 

Easily access commissioned photography 

User-generated content is an incredibly effective type of visual—but it’s not the only type

Commissioning your own photography is sometimes needed, and Public Uploader gives your photographers a simple and fast way to send you their work, without you needing to upload anything yourself.

Get high resolution imagery 

Photos on social media are often scaled down in size, meaning the resolution isn’t super high. While this isn’t always an issue depending on how you plan on using the image, sometimes you might need a higher-quality photo. 

Maybe you’ve gotten the rights to a great photo on Instagram, and now want to use it for your transit ads. With Public Uploader, the original creator has an easy way of sending you the high resolution image without a bunch of emails back and forth.   

Give members of your team an easy way to share visuals

An under-the-radar but super helpful use of Public Uploader is for your team members. Whether they’re at an event, or just out and about on their own time, they can upload their photos directly to your CrowdRiff library themselves, at any time.

2| Measure the performance of your website visuals with Google Analytics 

Alongside Gallery Insights, CrowdRiff also offers an integration with Google Analytics. 

This lets you track when a website visitor interacts with CrowdRiff—like CTA clicks, photo clicks, and gallery views—and combines that information with demographic, behavioural, and conversion data. 

This information gives you a deeper understanding of your audience, the website content that’s working, and can ultimately help you take actions that are the most likely to drive conversions.

For example, Google Analytics can help you answer questions like: 

  • How is your “Restaurants & Dining” photo gallery resonating with German travelers?
  • Would your “Book Your Stay” CTA get more clicks on a visual featuring guests?

Enabling our Google Analytics integration is as easy as flicking a switch. When you do, you’ll start tracking how your website visitors are interacting with your visual galleries, and that information is brought directly into your own Google Analytics dashboard.  

3| Drive action and conversions with CTAs 

Calls-to-action are an effective way to drive higher conversion rates and increase sales. Whether you’re driving visitors to a partner’s website or to your booking page, when you add CTAs to your visuals, you’re targeting visitors when they’re most engaged.

Hotel X does a great job of including CTAs on the images in their curated visual galleries.

CrowdRiff lets you add customized CTAs to every photo and video in your galleries. That way, when your website visitors are viewing your images, you can drive your desired action in that moment. 

A lot of travel and tourism brands have seen success using CTAs — Dollywood drove over $90,000 in ticket sales in just 5 months by adding calls-to-action to their galleries. 

4| Get better visuals faster with AI-powered capabilities   

CrowdRiff’s AI-powered smart features make it easier for you to quickly find the most impactful visuals in your content library.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our most helpful capabilities: 

Smart Galleries

How do you know which images in your galleries are truly performing the best? 

Are the photos in the top row of your “Things to Do” gallery seeing higher engagement because they’re truly the most impactful, or simply because they’re at the top? 


Smart Galleries helps you answer those questions — and makes your life a whole lot easier — by automatically optimizing your galleries for you. 

Smart Galleries test the performance of every visual in a gallery, and that data is then used to display your most effective and click-worthy images more prominently.

Recommend Assets

With new UGC flowing into your library every day, there are countless visuals to choose from. To make it easier to find the ones that matter to you, CrowdRiff learns the type of images you like and then makes recommendations tailored to your brand. 

Based on your prior curation habits — the types of visuals you choose to use in say, your galleries — CrowdRiff feeds you other options we think you’ll like. CrowdRiff continues to learn from you the more visuals you use, so your recommendations only get better as time goes on.

Smart Curation 

Smart Curation helps you make data-driven decisions around your visual content. 


Using AI and industry insight, Smart Curation automatically filters your library to show you the best visuals with the highest chance of performing. 

You’re served your most compelling content with the simple click of a button. 

A visual marketing platform built for travel and tourism

This is just a small sample of some of CrowdRiff's most powerful capabilities, designed to make it easier to find, use, and optimize your visual content.  

Purpose-built for the travel and tourism industry, and trusted by over 700 brands globally, CrowdRiff helps marketers use the visuals that resonate with today's travelers.    

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