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5 Ways Resorts & Hotels Can Use CrowdRiff to Drive Direct Bookings


For today’s travelers, it's a 'show, don't tell' kind of world. More than ever, they're turning to social media for visual inspiration on where they should go and where they should stay. 

A traveler considering a stay at your resort or hotel will first browse through all the pictures they can find of your rooms, the property, and the experience you provide. 

Whether they’re looking through social media or checking out your website, authentic and beautiful visuals are an important aspect of building your brand, standing out, and connecting with potential guests.

That’s why more and more resort and hotel brands are turning to visual marketing and user-generated content to create effective websites and engaging marketing initiatives. 

It’s also why some of the world’s top hotels and resorts use CrowdRiff—to find and deliver high-performing visuals so they can turn any investigative traveler into a guest. 

Here are 5 ways resorts and hotels can use CrowdRiff to stand out with UGC and drive bookings.

1| Easily source authentic, engaging, and on-brand UGC 

Visual user-generated content is compelling, credible, and inherently trustworthy. The numbers don’t lie—85% of consumers find UGC to be more influential than traditional brand advertising. 

That’s why it’s an incredibly important part of any resort or hotel marketing strategy. It’s actual social proof of the brand story you’re trying to tell, told by your guests who are actually experiencing it. 

But how do you find the right UGC? 

CrowdRiff does the legwork for you by pulling in photos and videos from social media every day, so you don’t have to spend tons of time manually searching for it yourself. On average, our customers have experienced a 90% decrease in the time they spend searching for visuals! 

2| Quickly get the rights to use guest photos in ads, social media, print, and more

Not only is UGC trustworthy, but it’s effective. In fact, ads that incorporate user-generated content can see a click-through rate 4X higher than those that don’t. 

So why not incorporate it throughout all of your marketing channels? 

Resorts and hotels can use CrowdRiff to easily get rights to social imagery, which you can then use across your marketing materials, whether it’s reposting to social media, adding it to your monthly newsletter, or incorporating it in your digital or print ads. 


A Maui escape? What a bright idea. photo: 📸: @mccallryan

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With CrowdRiff, the rights request process is simple, streamlined, and takes just a few clicks.

3| Highlight your unique offerings and target diverse interests with curated galleries

A great resort or hotel is more than just a place to sleep at night. Maybe you offer relaxing spa packages, have an impressive golf course, or host beautiful weddings on your private beach. These are just some of the experiences that set your property apart, and you should highlight them!

UGC (and CrowdRiff!) make it incredibly easy to do so, since you don’t have to coordinate costly photoshoots or find stock imagery for each one. That can add up quickly, and it doesn’t have the same authenticity that user-generated visuals do. 

Galleries curated around specific themes or experiences are a great way to highlight your array of offerings. Hotel X targets the different interests of potential guests with galleries themed around weddings, sports and wellness, and dining, among others. 

With CrowdRiff, you can easily curate website galleries around specific themes that work with the different pages of your website, as well as target travelers with diverse interests. 

Here are just a few of the other benefits of CrowdRiff galleries: 

  • Galleries can be built and updated in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a simple click to add a new photo, and that change is automatically reflected on your website. 
  • You can turn on Smart Galleries, which tests the visuals in a gallery to determine the most effective images, and then displays them more prominently.  
  • If you’re displaying photos through a CrowdRiff gallery, you don’t need to request rights to the images in them, since CrowdRiff is an API partner and each photo links directly back to the original post on its social network.

4| Take website visitors from inspiration to action by adding CTAs to your visuals

Since visuals are such an important factor in traveler decision-making, you want your imagery to drive that “I want to stay there” feeling. 

When a visitor is viewing the photos and videos on your website, they’re engaged. By adding calls-to-action to those images, you can capitalize on that engagement and encourage action by driving visitors where you want them. 

Hotel Del Coronado adds CTAs to the visuals in each of their galleries. In their guest photo gallery, each image includes a "Book Your Stay" CTA that takes visitors directly to their reservation portal. 

CrowdRiff lets you easily add CTAs to your images, so a visitor captivated by a certain image can go directly to additional information or resources, whether it's your special offers page or your booking portal. 

The added bonus of CTAs? You can easily track which visuals are getting the most clicks, so you know which photos are performing and converting the best. 

5| Give in-the-moment inspiration to visitors with live displays of guest photos

Even after a guest has arrived, there’s still an opportunity to share more of how they can make the most of their stay. 

With in-person displays and photo walls, you can show pictures of activities that other visitors have enjoyed, that just might inspire a guest to purchase that extra champagne add-on or book a pampering session at your spa. 

Stand out with UGC and CrowdRiff 

These are just a few of the ways CrowdRiff helps resorts and hotels realize the full potential of UGC and put it to work. Want to learn how CrowdRiff can help you build an engaging brand and drive bookings? Book a tour and we'll walk you through it! 

Header image courtesy of Recal Media and found on Unsplash