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Best Minneapolis Instagrammers


In spirit of the DMAI 2016 Annual Conference kicking off on Monday in Minneapolis, we rounded up the ten best instagrammers in the city using the CrowdRiff platform.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to take cool photos or explore when you have down time, check out these influencers’ feeds. Alternatively, if you’re looking for ideas on where to eat, turn to our visual guide to eating and drinking at DMAI.



Bright colors and simplicity come together to create a feed with stunning photos, many of which feature cotton-candy coloured Minneapolis skies and silhouettes. 


Hi! I was honored to be invited to join another fantasy edit group: the original @fantasy_friday. So starting this week I will be posting a fantasy edit every Friday – rotating between @mn_niceedit and @fantasy_friday. Truthfully, I enjoy doing these edits so much that I am happy to have one a week! They usually inspire me to do a few other photos as well. ☺ Thanks so much for your support. //Fantasy Friday// This collaborative photo was shot by @eye.c and edited by me as part of the #Fantasy_Friday collaborative group. Every other week we all edit the same photo, putting our own ideas of "fantasy" into the edit. The group's goal is to experiment, have fun, and see how different people interpret the same image. You can see the original photo, and the other team members' edits for this week here: #Fantasy_Friday_61.

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@kimlycurry goes by “lil Miss Foodie” which makes sense when you see the photos of her eating her way around the twin cities. Each photo explodes with bright colors and lends a 10/10 visual review for the food vendor it was taken at. And yes, this is a photo of a donut sorbet sandwich.




@sanjbhak likes to post artistic photos of Minneapolis from unusual views. Life in the city has inspired some great photography featuring plenty of reflections, sunsets and angle work.




This florist’s feed is blossoming with vibrant photos of multicoloured succulent plants. She channelled her passion for creating arrangements into a really inventive Instagram account.




This adorable mini Goldendoodle is the biggest canine insta-star from Minneapolis! Franky loves to run around with her tongue out and beg for treats with her big, beady brown eyes.




Fashion shoots and powerful landscapes are this Instagrammer’s specialities. Her bold photos are all stunning and you’ll find yourself having a hard time picking a favorite as you scroll through her feed.


[Safe Harbor] // Say what you will about social media (and lord knows I've said it all), during times of tragedy, it can be a wonderfully uplifting and supportive place. The collective mourning and outrage in the wake of the horrific Orlando massacre have been so powerful to witness across different social media platforms. But the overwhelming message I've seen is that of hope and strength and pride. And THAT has been staggering. To all of my friends in the LGBTQ community, all of my Muslim friends, all of the allies, and to all those who have vocalized the pressing need for gun control in this country: I love you and am proud to know you. And I truly believe it is because of your bold voices that darkness will not prevail. // #weareorlando

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This Instagram community features photos from the whole state of Minnesota, but the Minneapolis ones that are included beautifully portray the city.  The photos showcase the perfect balance of idyllic and urban adventures that you can find in the area.



@joshflom is an outdoor explore who loves a good adventure! He can be found in most photos on the lake, in a forest or even jumping from a plane. His photos serve as great inspiration for fellow adventure-seekers living in or visiting Minneapolis.




@sarahrileyrose is a style blogger with a great sense of fashion. Her photos primarily feature her sporting trendy looks around the twin cities. She has such a large following that other bloggers and brands have teamed up with her to do giveaways, indicating that she truly is an influencer.


Hellllloooo new week. I'm comin' at ya with a positive outlook. Who's with me?! (Tap for deets) ?: @dgschoenecker

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Architecture is what speaks to this photographer, and @absolut_lee takes the neatest photos of Minneapolis buildings, hallways and city structures.


The only tool you need is your imagination. #throughmyiphone

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Finding the top instagrammers in your destination is a great way to not only interact with the community, but to find influencers you can reach out to for help promoting your destination and all of the great things to do, see and eat in it. If you’re at #DMAI2016, come talk to us about how you can use CrowdRiff to round up the biggest influencers in your destination.

Find team CrowdRiff at booth 507 and on Twitter @CrowdRiff.


Header Image Credit: @_jennadailey