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10 Colorado Instagrammers Telling Beautiful Visual Stories


Colorado is a destination that’s bursting with pure and natural beauty. If you’ve ever been to Colorado, you’ve seen for yourself.

And if you haven’t, well, their locals and tourists can’t help snapping up picture after picture and posting online. Instagram is your magic portal.

Individually, these ten Colorado Instagrammers are doing an amazing job at showcasing beautiful visual stories through their photos. And collectively they’re building beautiful visual stories of what it’s like to know Colorado.



Winter, spring, summer or fall, Kierstan’s photos revolve around hiking on Colorado’s mountains. In-between the scenic shots of Colorado, you also find some wildflowers and furry friends.



Sweeping landscapes, green mountains, blue skies, and tan grass are what define Natasha’s Instagram. Hers is a gentle depiction of life surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty.



Emily always seems to be hiking in Colorado, and who can blame her? She captures visual stories of her mountain adventures in her outstanding feed.



Paige’s feed is vibrant, colorful, and bright. While most shots of Colorado are of greys, Her rich photos offer a unique vibrancy that you don’t usually see depicted in pictures of Colorado.



It is only too easy to get lost in Dylan’s Instagram. He has a clear identity, and a clear theme born out the landscape. His visual stories tell of mist and shadow, and expose the mysterious side of Colorado’s beauty.



Maddie’s Instagram is full of her adventures fly-fishing in Colorado. You’ll find a billion shots of her smiling, surrounded by Colorado’s mountains and rivers.


#tbt to gaucho rivers, fernet and chimichuri #flyfishing

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Weston is a self-proclaimed adventure seeker. He showcases ambitious shots of Colorado’s mountains, canyons, and landscapes. The visual stories he tells are exciting and inspiring.



Marisa’s shots are always deep in Colorado’s wilderness. Her photos are taken at all times of day, showcasing very different shades of Colorado’s personality.


Rock solid in an otherwise unstable and stunning world.

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Amidst all the landscape Instagrammers here, Abby Miller gives us a taste of the city life from Denver, Colorado. Her pictures tell visual stories of city life — a break from all the nature.



If you’re looking for some sweet coffee places or local spots to eat, Katherine covers that here. She does a great job of balancing shots of nature with great urban living in Colorado.


all my food dreams came true tonight surrounded by my ultimate color palette. ⬜+⬛ @tillkitchen you're a babe.

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Header photo credits: Sheila Sund