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Coming Soon: An Organization System to Supercharge Your Visual Strategy

Today we’re happy to announce an exciting new organizational system for the new CrowdRiff platform, that will let you sort and manage all your visuals even better than before.

Albums and Folders: an easy way to sort through your photos


Find a photo you like? Throw it in an album!

Very soon, you’ll be able to sort your photos into any number of albums, based on any theme or use case.

Create albums dedicated to themes like “Outdoor Adventures” or “Coffee and Cafes” and even for events, like “Winter Gala 2017”, for example.

Then, any time you want to find a great pic from your Gala, you have the ones you’ve personally chosen, close at hand.

And for those who appreciate that extra organization, you can even create folders that contain groups of albums too.

Find it now, save for later

Let’s say you’re tasked with finding some visuals of whitewater rapids in your National Park. As you’re selecting photos to put in a new Whitewater album, you come across the perfect camping photo.

Without losing any of the photos you’ve selected for Whitewater, you can throw that camping photo into the Outdoor Adventures album, and then go right back to where you left off — without skipping a beat.

CrowdRiff lets you sort content on the fly, without breaking your primary workflow. It’s intuitive, fast, and easy.

A system that will exceed your expectations

CrowdRiff albums do more than just categorize your content — they create marketing-ready packages of content. Whether you want to create a gallery out of that content, or get rights to those social photos, albums give you the starting point.  

Feel like sharing an album with a partner or with the media? Create a custom share portal from any album to securely send over the assets you want.


What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about content getting buried in an album you’ve forgotten about. All your visuals remain available in your main collection.

And of course, you can search within albums too, with the same robust search function you know and love.

It’s coming soon

Everything about our redesign is about making CrowdRiff more intuitive to use and fit better with the way you work. This awesome organizational system is just one of the new features we’re building.

Stay in the loop for more product updates, and be the first to know when we’re ready to launch the newly finished CrowdRiff.