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CrowdRiff’s new AI-powered capabilities set new standard for working with visual content

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In a world of travelers who rely on visuals to decide where to go and what to see, experience and buy, you need a platform that learns and evolves based on audience perception and performance.

Our new smart platform is a benchmark in tourism marketing, building on the insights we’ve gathered from processing over 500 million images to create a uniquely intelligent visual marketing platform.

It adds rich detail to all the visual assets in your library.

It makes data-driven recommendations while still keeping all your visual content at your fingertips.

It helps you put the most impactful visual content in front of your audience.

We’re excited to show you what’s new!

1 | The smartest visual curation engine in travel and tourism

Social media is a treasure trove of great visuals for tourism brands. Last year, more than 35 billion photos were posted to Instagram. Let that sink in for a minute – 35 billion photos.

In working with over 250 of the top travel brands in the world, we’ve processed over 500 million images. This data is the foundation of our machine learning model that identifies and surfaces the highest-quality content in your library.

Say goodbye to blurry photos, selfies, text-laden posts and memes – they’ll all be cleared from your stream when you enable our new smart curation.

Simply turn it on and watch the magic happen. The best part? You can turn the filter on and off as you choose, maintaining total control of your library.


2 | The industry’s most intelligent visual search, bar none

Every day, marketers need visuals, whether it’s for a blog post, a new Facebook ad or a promo video.

Your collection of visuals is only as strong as what you can find and put to good use.

We’re already widely recognized as having the industry’s best visual search, and now it’s even better. We’ve expanded our search capabilities to include synonyms, word stemming and multiple languages.

In short, it finds what you want, even if it’s not exactly what you typed.

Check this out:


When you search for friends, we’ll also look for variations of the word, like friends, friendship and friendly. You’re a talented marketer, but you’re probably not clairvoyant. Why should you be expected to nail every search term to the letter?

3 | Image recognition on all your visual assets (you’ll wonder how you lived without it!)

You’ve got thousands of photos and videos coming from all over the place – social media, external hard drives, your teammates’ phones, and more. They’re not always easy to find. (How many files do you have on your phone called something like “IMG_3748.jpg”?)

With CrowdRiff, every photo and every frame of video in your library gets auto-tagged with descriptive keywords, unearthing those buried treasures and putting them back at your fingertips. The added benefit of tagging your video is that you can search by scene content.


4 | Self-optimizing website galleries that automatically display your best visuals

If you had three photos on your “Things to Do” page and learned that one got way more clicks than the other two, what would you do? You’d keep the one that was working and swap out the other two.

CrowdRiff’s new self-optimizing galleries do this for you, using machine learning to display your most impactful visuals on your web pages.


It’s the perfect marriage of brand and performance, something every marketer can get behind.

“CrowdRiff has always brought innovative solutions to us as a partner of Colorado Tourism Office, and we’re already taking advantage of these new intelligent capabilities for both our UGC and owned visuals.”

– Amber King, Director, US Marketing, Colorado Tourism Office


The only platform purpose-built for the era of visual decision-making

While most travel brands understand the value of visuals in their marketing, sourcing, curating and delivering engaging visuals on a daily basis is easier said than done.

Finding the perfect visuals that meet both brand and performance goals can be a time-consuming and largely manual process. The volume of available visual content has become more than any marketing team can manage without help.

CrowdRiff is purpose-built for the way today’s travelers discover, purchase and share travel experiences.

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About the author

Amrita Gurney is the Vice President of Marketing at CrowdRiff, where she leads a team responsible for brand, content, product marketing and demand generation. Amrita loves contemporary art, museums, drinking tea and travelling (of course!).