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CrowdRiff's St. Felix Community Outreach Initiative



Like many major cities, Toronto has long been fighting an uphill battle against homelessness, and there are many indications that the problem is getting worse. And while homelessness affects people from all walks of life, there are certain groups that are overrepresented in Toronto’s homeless population, including indigenous people, racial minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community.


I couldn’t be more excited about CrowdRiff’s latest initiative to support a local charity that is working to fight this issue, given that we are such an inclusive and welcoming organization.


The St. Felix Centre

The St. Felix Centre, which is within walking distance of the CrowdRiff head office, has been assisting Toronto’s marginalized communities with a range of services for decades. While it’s not one of the most widely known charitable organizations in the city, St. Felix’s services play a vital role in supporting the most vulnerable members of our neighbourhood and city more broadly.



Its drop-in program, for example, offers guests access to computers, washrooms and showers, printers, and fax machines every hour of every day, and welcomes about 300 guests on a daily basis. The organization also serves over 9,000 meals to those in need each month, and provides roughly 8,000 guests with a warm place to sleep.


While its roots are Catholic, The St. Felix Centre has become known for providing a welcoming and respectful environment that is inclusive of all religions, genders, cultures and abilities. They also welcome four-legged companions, something we at CrowdRiff can relate to as a dog-friendly office filled with furry mascots.  


How CrowdRiff is Contributing

Since discovering the St. Felix Centre and the role the organization plays in our local community, the team at CrowdRiff has been working with staff to assist in any way possible. My colleagues and I now meet monthly after work to help prepare and serve a meal to St. Felix’s guests, and assist with clean up as well. Through this initiative, we’ve built strong relationships with some of its staff and guests, and we hope to continue building those connections moving forward.


CrowdRiff volunteering St Felix


We also recently donated some of our office chairs to the organization, and will continue to look for opportunities to donate unused furniture and goods from around the office. CrowdRiff is also in talks with St. Felix staff about launching a resume assistance program, which we hope will help guests secure employment to help get them back on track.


In the future, we’ll also be looking to assist in community clean-ups, organizing fundraiser events, and assisting with whatever time, money, expertise, clothing or furniture we can spare. Though this partnership is still in its infancy, I’m excited about all the different ways we can lend a hand moving forward.


Since beginning our work with the St. Felix Centre, I’ve been so inspired by how quickly and passionately my colleagues have offered up their assistance, time and energy. While we donate to many charitable organizations, I feel like they’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. People around the office are really excited about having a specific, local organization to support, where we can get to know the faces and regularly contribute.


Interested in Joining us?


We’re now looking to continue promoting St. Felix and its mission within the local tech community to try and build even more support amongst our colleagues and friends in the neighbourhood.


Those interested in joining us in this journey are encouraged to volunteer their time, make a donation, or explore some of the many programs and initiatives offered by the St. Felix centre that could use your support. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated by our friends at The St. Felix Centre. 


P.S. We’re Hiring!

CrowdRiff is committed to being a leader in supporting and valuing the diversity of the people, organizations and communities we serve and are a part of. We believe that valuing diversity is recognizing and respecting human differences and similarities.


If you’re interested in joining our team, we have opportunities in sales, product, customer success, and more! Check out our careers page for more details.



About the author

Cait is the Internal Event/Office Manager at CrowdRiff.

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