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How DMOs Like Georgia and Whistler Use CrowdRiff to Engage Locals and Visitors

Many places around the world are reopening, leaving many DMOs wondering, how do we market to both locals and visitors without alienating one another?

While there's no easy answer and every destination is different, we've been inspired by the following examples — we hope you are too.

Read on to see how DMOs like Georgia and Whistler are building trust, supporting their partners and keeping their audiences inspired and engaged right now. 

Keep locals and travelers inspired with UGC

Explore Georgia's video showcases how different DMOs are helping neighbours in need

In facing the challenge of COVID-19, destinations across Georgia have been stepping in with creative ways to help healthcare workers, first responders, employees, residents, and others hit hard by the coronavirus.

Explore Georgia made a video highlighting people's efforts using rights approved UGC. At the moment, Georgia is one of the states in the "messy middle" where they're not actively promoting staying at home or travel. 

They are trying to stay top of mind and create engaging content and have seen an increase in website visits over this time last year.

As destinations around the world reopen, videos showcasing real-time UGC shows your audience how you are keeping people safe right now.

How to do it in CrowdRiff:

  1. Pull in video content from hashtags or your partners
  2. Get the rights to your favorite videos. If you need sample rights reposting templates you can find them here
  3. Repurpose this content for your next video.

Whistler pulls together stunning imagery using CrowdRiff single embeds

Whistler, in BC, Canada curated beautiful imagery taken by locals who used the #OnlyInWhistler hashtag. They're using CrowdRiff single embeds to display them on their blog

You can also curate a blog using the top images from your destination. By sharing the most up-to-date picture of what's happening at your destination, you build trust with your audience. 

How to do it in CrowdRiff:

  1. Click on a photo in your CrowdRiff library. Click the three dots at the bottom right hand side of the screen and select "Embed photo."
  2. Copy and paste the embed code into your site. 

Visit Branson is running a local contest using CrowdRiff's Public Uploader

Branson, MO, is hosting a contest encouraging locals to share why they #BelieveInBranson. They say, "Your visible support for Branson will aid in bringing others back to our incredible city, and quickly making tourism thrive in Branson once again."

People can show their support by uploading photo and video messages using CrowdRiff's Public Uploader. They are displaying the best entries in a CrowdRiff gallery. 

Contests are a great way to arm your DMO with fresh, relevant UGC while showcasing the human side of your destination.

How to do it in CrowdRiff:

  1. For your contest, choose a goal, determine your rules, hashtag (if necessary), and timeline.
  2. Set up a Public Uploader link. Customize it with your name, logo, and terms & conditions.
  3. Promote the contest and public uploader link on your social media channels, website, and newsletter.

Visit Tobago is encouraging people to keep #DreamingOfTobago

Visit Tobago launched a campaign asking people to share their memories of Tobago to win roundtrip airfare tickets to two. 

They're using CrowdRiff's Public Uploader to collect video submissions and are hosting the best ones in a CrowdRiff gallery.

Letting loyal travelers tell your story through memorable photos and videos is a simple yet effective way to build trust.

Lincoln City's Looking Forward Campaign keeps followers inspired

Lincoln City, OR, is reminding people to "stay positive and start dreaming of your next visit to the coast... when the time is right." 

They're hosting a virtual contest, using CrowdRiff's Public Uploader to collect people's memories, and hosting them in a gallery. 

How is your DMO engaging audiences right now? Visit our Community Stories Hub to let us know. 

Image credit: @mountainsandthyme

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