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You Can Now Enrich the Visuals in Your Content Library with Google Locations

Let me paint you a picture. 

Imagine a traveler visits the food & drink gallery on your website that showcases the amazing selection of restaurants in your city. They see a droolworthy shot of a burger, so they click on the image to see more. Not only does the photo pop up, but they also see the restaurant location, hours of operation, and a link to the website where they can book a reservation. 

They easily found all of the information they need directly on your website, without ever having to open another tab or visit a different website. How awesome would that be? 

Today, we're excited to announce the latest enhancement to the CrowdRiff platform that will turn that scenario into a reality. You can now add a Google location to every image in your collection. This feature will enrich the visuals in your library by giving you the ability to add Google location details to every asset you have, and bring that information to the photos displayed in your galleries. 

CrowdRiff galleries are now supplemented with the helpful information travelers need when planning a trip, so you can better guide and improve your visitors journey to your destination. 

With this enhancement, you can now: 

1| Add Google locations to the assets in your library 

Pulling together a gallery of the best amusement parks in your state, or creating a page on your website dedicated to the array of museums in your town? You can now easily add a location to each of these photos, so they're easy to organize and search for when you need them.


2| Turn your galleries into visual directories 

A gallery full of UGC is an impactful and eye-catching way of engaging visitors on your website. Now, those galleries are even more useful. With Google location enrichment, you can turn your galleries into visual directories that can highlight your partners and provide relevant and timely information to your visitors.

In one click, you can easily turn on location details for any gallery you want, so when a visitor clicks on a photo, information like hours of operation, address, and cost indicators will be displayed.  

  • Make your website a go-to resource and keep visitors engaged for longer, by easily giving them the helpful information they need. With the ability to now quickly understand what they can do, where, when, and with a rough estimate of cost, it becomes much easier for your visitors to plan their perfect trip. 
  • Easily provide the most up-to-date location details, without any of the manual work of searching for it yourself or reaching out to partners to get it. When you add Google locations to the visuals in your galleries, the most recent and up-to-date information is automatically pulled in for you. 

As the visual marketing platform of choice for over 500 travel and tourism brands, we're thrilled to announce this enhancement that will continue to enrich the impactful visuals our customers use every day. We're always striving to improve the CrowdRiff experience for our customers, and of course, their visitors as well. 

Header image courtesy of Javier Allegue Barros and found on Unsplash

About the author

Maggie is CrowdRiff’s resident Product Marketing Manager, where she works to define how CrowdRiff adds value to travel marketers across the globe. More often than not, you can find her eating, reading, or obsessively researching her next travel destination.

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