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Announcing: the world’s smartest Visual Marketing Platform, with CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision

For years, CrowdRiff has revolutionized the way companies discover, secure rights to, and utilize user-generated photos shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we’ve teamed up with Google Cloud Vision to create our most powerful release yet: the world’s smartest end-to-end visual content platform.

Here’s how CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision are transforming the way you approach visual engagement:


This is the first ever platform that organizes all of your visual assets (from your professional photos to all user-generated images on social media) in one beautifully searchable place that your team can access from anywhere.


Upload thousands of photos at once, and Google Cloud Vision’s image recognition and classification features will identify the objects in each photo, tagging them all in seconds flat. It can recognize anything from flowers, food and animals to local landmarks.


Pair that with CrowdRiff’s existing aggregator – which finds, categorizes, and manages your rights to great user-created photos – and you’ve got the most extraordinary visual content engine on the planet.


In one fell swoop, our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to exponentially increase your Visual Influence potential:

  • Upload all your photos (in minutes)
  • Automatically tag them using Google Cloud Vision’s algorithm (in seconds)
  • Make them all available to search, instantly
  • Share them with your audience and colleagues all over the world

See? We told you it was cool.

Why can CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision change everything for your business?

We can think of about 100 reasons. But here are our top 4:

1 | We give you the tools to master your Visual Authority.

Visual content is 40x more likely to get shared (source), and receives 94% more views than content without an image attached  (source). So, if you’re not making the most of your visual assets, you’re not maximizing your Visual Influence Potential — leaving money and leads on the table.

Mastering your approach to visual engagement (in your in-house communications and presentations, advertisements, social media posts, galleries on your website, etc.) isn’t just the best way to guarantee ROI for photography and social media management. You must master visual engagement to remain a leader in your industry.


2 | Our search function helps you find the perfect photo, every time.

Unless you’re going in and manually adding tags to your current photos, finding the exact image you need can be a massive challenge. (Unless you can remember that “IMG_2343” from the company picnic was just the shot you wanted.)

In our platform, Google Cloud Vision uses artificial intelligence to scan every photo you upload, and detect its contents in seconds. Our existing technology also tags the best user-generated photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to make them searchable, too.

That’s what makes this platform so unusual: it keeps every image you need in one place that you and your entire company can access from anywhere.

3 | We’ll save you precious time and energy – so you can get back to doing what matters.

Manually categorizing and tagging photos the old fashioned way can take hours or days! With CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision, it doesn’t matter if you’re uploading 10 or 10,000 photos: we’ll have them uploaded and beautifully organized in minutes.

That means you and your people are free to do more cool stuff, like find the perfect backdrop image for that presentation. Or slip some awesome just-tagged Instagram photos into your website. Or putting an inspiring quote on that pro photo that will rack up retweets like nobody’s business.

4 | This platform = ultimate creative freedom.

Having access to all of your photos at all times helps your website and content stay fresh, and you have space to test out ideas that elevate your brand to its highest visual potential.


We’re also working to integrate this awesome new platform with all the tools you use every day — like WordPress, Drupal, Tempest, etc. With this kind of technology behind us, there’s really no limit to what we can make together.

Why did we create this? We heard what our clients needed, and built it to scale.

We noticed that at any given time, thousands of our clients’ professional and promotional images were scattered in different places — in folders, shared drives, digital asset managers, smartphones, Dropbox, etc.

Now, we’re taking photos out of the “shoebox”, “stash-’em-anywhere” chaos and putting everything – from photos of your last company party, to pro product shots, to photos your buyers are sharing on social media – in one spot your entire team can access. No sweat. And more influence potential.

google vision-how it works

Image source: Google Cloud Vision – Powerful Image Analysis

What does this mean for marketers (like you)?

Did you know: only 27% of marketers have a process in place to aggregate, organize, and manage the visual assets being used across their marketing teams? (source)

That means CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision will put you ahead of the curve before you even begin.

We’ll make it easier than ever for you to become the visual influencer in your industry, unleash your creativity, and increase conversions, impact, and customer engagement.

Does CrowdRiff + Google Cloud Vision sound right for your company? Get in touch.

This platform is perfect for any industry that values visual communication: travel, fashion, sports, entertainment, marketing/PR agencies, etc.

We hope you’ll be joining us.

Photo power to the people.

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