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17 Hospitality Leaders You Should Be Following On Social Media

17 Hospitality Leaders You Should Be Following On Social Media

There are countless ways for resorts, hotels, and hoteliers to grow a social audience thanks to channels ranging from Instagram and Twitter to LinkedIn, but doing so isn’t as easy as you might think. 

There are so many different factors that go into a successful resort or hotel business, from revenue management and digital marketing to design and technology, that it’s often easy to get lost among the masses online.

Following these industry experts and influencers will not only keep you in the know about what’s happening right now in terms of hospitality and travel news, but also give you a sneak peek into what’s next, as well as inspire your next project or digital marketing campaign.

Whether you’re looking for the latest industry stats, seeking out inspiration for your hotel lobby, or wanting to be an even better leader, check out this list of hospitality industry leaders on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Lindsey Ueberroth | @lueberroth on Twitter

As the CEO of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Lindsey remains on the pulse of everything that’s happening in travel, and she also uses her social media account as a platform for reminding her followers of the importance of the environment, sustainability, responsible travel, and how to embrace a better work-life balance. Follow her if you want tips on how to be a better leader and global citizen.

Edward Mady | @EdwardMady on Twitter

More often than not, it’s easy for all of us—even those of us who work in the travel and hospitality sector—to forget the tireless efforts put forth by the teams of people who work to make our stays as memorable and exceptional as they can be.

Edward Mady, the regional director, West Coast USA and the general manager of The Beverly Hills Hotel, is not one of those people. As the top manager of, arguably, one of the most iconic and best-known hotels in the world, Mady uses social media as a platform to expound the importance of teamwork, whether it’s news or ideas and inspiration for motivating your teams. 

And, more importantly, he makes sure his own team members know that their own work is recognized and valued.

Aliya Khan | @aliyazk on Instagram

If you really want to get inside the head of a hotel designer, Aliya Khan’s Instagram account is an exceptional one to do just that with her colorful, vibrant, and somewhat personal posts. 

As she travels around the world in her role as vice president of global design strategies for Marriott International, she gives you a sneak peek into upcoming hotel projects, as well as what will inspire your future hotel rooms and lobbies.


One last one. This space is going to be amazing @elementhotels #latergram

A post shared by Aliya K (@aliyazk) on

Bill Marriott | jwmarriottjr on LinkedIn

Bill Marriott, the patriarch of the Marriott family who still serves as the executive chairman and chairman of the board for the $47-billion hotel company after serving as its CEO for 40 years, needs little introduction.

With more than 63 years of total experience in the family business, his takes on life, work, and the hotel industry are unmatched for their insight and wisdom. Even at age 87, he’s still making his family and his family business a top priority, and you can feel that in each of his LinkedIn posts, including this one, where he looked back on his family, his career, and what it really means to have longevity and success, both in your personal life and at work.

Standout postThoughts on My Birthday

Jan D. Freitag | @jan_freitag on Twitter

When you really need to know what’s happening in the hotel industry, when you need someone who can translate what the numbers are telling us and what that means for the future, look no further than Jan D. Freitag. 

As the senior vice president of one of the leading hotel industry data firms, STR, he has plenty of numbers, stats, and knowledge to share, and he does so without hesitation. If you’re a data hound or number cruncher, or someone who wants a bit of guidance in figuring out what the numbers are saying, he’s your guy.

Ian Schrager | @ianschrager on Instagram

Over the course of his illustrious—and still very much thriving career in hospitality—Ian Schrager has been many things: nightclub owner, hotelier, designer, restaurateur, and so much more. The co-founder of the world-famous Studio 54 nightclub who later became one of the founders of the modern boutique hotel movement in the U.S., however, sees himself as being in the entertainment business.

His personal Instagram account is very much a reflection of that, and he uses it to post things that entertain him, from the humorous and pointed to the beautiful and sentimental. Using the hashtag #IanSchragerLikes, he’ll often post a number of images and videos that he not only likes, but often inspire him and what you’ll find in his Edition and Public Hotels.

Follow him if you want to feel inspired and if you want to see what goes inside the mind behind a true hospitality visionary.


Nothing else matters but the in bio for full video. #IANSCHRAGER

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Jamie Lane | @Jamie_Lane on Twitter

Much like Jan D. Freitag, Jamie Lane is a data hound. As the senior managing economist for real estate juggernaut CBRE’s Econometric Advisors and Hotels divisions, it’s his main job to interpret the data that’s powering the hotel and real estate industries.

His particular specialty is being able to look at data that examines the sharing economy, especially when it comes to private accommodations platforms like Airbnb. If you’re interested in seeing how this sector of hospitality is growing, he’s the right person to follow.

Anthony Melchiorri | @AnthonyHotels on Twitter

If you’ve watched every episode of Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” you’re likely familiar with Anthony, and if not, chances are you’ve heard him on his podcasts, “Extraordinary” and “Checking In with Anthony & Glenn.”

Even if you haven’t seen or heard of Anthony Melchiorri previously, his feed is worth following, primarily because of the extensive experience he’s had in hospitality over the years. He approaches the hotel business with military precision, thanks to his time spent as a protocol officer in the U.S. Air Force, and he’s committed to helping other hoteliers succeed.

Daniel E. Craig | @dcraig on Twitter

This former hotel general manager and marketing executive is the founder of Reknown, a hospitality and technology marketing firm. He’s got a penchant for sharing the news, but adding his own expert analysis, as well as throwing in a few personal, often humorous, stories, too.

He’s also not afraid to speak his mind, as evidenced here, in his remarks on how Google gets its users to submit reviews:

Bob Rauch | @truehotelguru on Twitter

This self-proclaimed hotel guru and university professor, who also serves as the CEO of RAR Hospitality, a hotel owner and operator, knows how to find relevant news that’s happening in the larger travel industry, and offer his own commentary on the impact of that news. 

He’s also adept at parsing out trends, like this one, surrounding independent hotels.

Jason Q. Freed | @Freedtotravel on Twitter

This recognized expert in hotel management, who serves as the director of marketing and communications for Duetto, a hotel revenue management software and solutions platform, never holds back when it comes to his thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in the travel space.

A case in point is the following tweet. Follow him for unfiltered, honest insights and takes on all things travel and hospitality related.

Chip Conley | @ChipConley on Twitter

As one of the iconic founders of the modern boutique hotel movement, Chip Conley is an undisputed hospitality expert. What sets him apart from a number of his peers, however, is his ability to adapt with the times—to recognize innovation and changes taking place in the industry well before it even becomes a trend. That’s why Airbnb, for one, enlisted him to help them build their hospitality business, and even today he remains a strategic advisor for the $31-billion company.

He’s also an adept leader, author, speaker, and mentor, who’s always more than willing to share his wisdom, along with unvarnished personal thoughts and stories. Most recently, he founded a Modern Elder Academy, what he calls a “midlife wisdom school.”

If you’re seeking some wisdom yourself, whether it’s for business or life in general, Chip’s account is an ideal one to follow.

Loren Gray | @lorengray on Twitter

For solid hotel revenue management tips, Loren’s account is a must follow. As the founder of Hospitality Digital Marketing agency, too, he often works with companies that include Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, and RLHC. He also hosts a “Week in Hospitality Marketing” online show—and reminds his followers on a weekly basis. 

Mary Beth Cutshall | mbcutshall on LinkedIn

This more than 28-year hospitality industry C-suite veteran does more than just post on LinkedIn, but it’s her interactions with others in the LinkedIn community that are just as eye-opening and enlightening. 

Whether she’s announcing news about HVMG (Hospitality Ventures Management Group), where she serves as a senior vice president and chief business development officer, liking others’ posts or commenting on them, following her on LinkedIn is helpful for anyone who wants to stay in the know on all things hospitality related—from guest experience, to the day to day and greater operations. 

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Colby Hutchinson | colbyhutchinson on LinkedIn

Colby has held nearly every position imaginable in the hospitality industry, from working as a dishwasher to becoming a hotel sales and marketing executive to now serving as the director of customer experience and brand management administration for Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

On his LinkedIn profile, Colby enjoys writing brief critiques and he often shares links to articles that relate to customer experience and marketing, as well as larger issues that the entire hotel industry should be paying closer attention to.

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Michael Hraba | @HHotelConsult on Twitter

This hospitality consultant, who is “just this hotel guy, you know?” takes a not-so-serious but still perceptive approach to talking about sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel and how it relates to the hotel industry.

You can count on him for tweets that look at the latest news and trends in travel and hospitality, along with some choice GIFs.

Stephanie Ricca | @HNN_Steph

As the editorial director at Hotel News Now, Stephanie shares a myriad of interesting, fun, and insightful hotel and travel news. With more than 12 years of experience as a journalist in hotel trade publications, you can count on her impartial opinion and analysis for the global hotel industry. 

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