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4 Ways CrowdRiff Can Help Airlines Stand Out With UGC

More than ever, as an airline, you need to stand out. In a hypercompetitive market, the pressure is on to build a stronger brand identity, improve loyalty, and drive ticket sales.

How does your brand set itself apart in the eyes of the traveler? Is it your exceptional customer service? Your flight network and the routes you offer? Maybe you're a luxury brand, with best-in-class amenities. 

Build Your Brand with UGC

User-generated content can punch up every aspect of your marketing, whether it's your social media, digital ads, or in-flight magazine. 

Think about it. Every day, your passengers might be posting photos of the airplane wing cruising through the clouds, their boarding pass while they wait for their flight, or their comfy first class seat. They're creating original and engaging content of themselves interacting with your brand all the time. 

And UGC doesn't just look great; it's effective as well - ads that use user-generated content see a click-through rate that's 4X higher than those that don't. 

So, how can you truly harness these visuals and put them to work in your marketing?

Here are 4 ways CrowdRiff can help your airline stand out with UGC:

1| Source authentic content that is highly trusted by your customers 

To truly sell the experience you offer, you need to incorporate imagery that is trusted by today's travelers. That's why UGC is so important; it's modern, authentic, compelling, and has a different aesthetic than typical branded photography, so it stands out. 

85% of consumers find user-generated content to be more influential than photos or videos created by brands, so using visuals from your actual passengers is a great way to build trust and authentically showcase your brand.

CrowdRiff pulls in UGC from social media and streamlines the process of sourcing, sharing, and getting rights to the photos and videos you need at scale. 

On average, travel brands using CrowdRiff have seen a decrease of 90% in the time they spend searching for visuals, and a 4X increase in time-on-site!

It's simple and quick to request the rights to images with CrowdRiff. After posting your request, CrowdRiff will listen for a response from the user. When they give permission using your hashtag,it is automatically logged for your records.

2| Keep up with content demands 

Did you know that over 100 million photos and videos are posted to Instagram alone every day?

UGC is being created at a volume that is simply unmatched by marketing teams. CrowdRiff pulls in tons of these visuals every day, so you always have the type of image you need, whenever you need it. 

Maybe you're searching for a great photo of a traveler interacting with your staff, or you want to highlight your new in-flight entertainment system. With CrowdRiff, you'll never be at a loss for a recent image or video to use.

Whether you have to post to your social accounts multiple times a day, create Instagram Stories, or build Facebook ads, original content is always at your fingertips. 

3| Surface relevant, high-quality content with ease 

While a serious benefit of UGC is the sheer amount of it, it can be hard to sift through the noise. Among the aesthetically pleasing visuals, you'll also find blurry photos or imagery that wouldn't meet your brand standards. 

When there's such a large volume, it can be hard to find content that is hyper-relevant to your brand or has the level of quality you need.

CrowdRiff's Intelligent Search, Smart Curation, and Similar Photo Finder capabilities were designed to help you find good, relevant content faster. 


AI-powered image recognition analyzes and automatically tags the photos in your library with relevant and descriptive keywords, while intelligent search gives you the ability to find what you're looking for, even if it's not exactly what you searched.  

But how do you make sure you're choosing the right visuals?

CrowdRiff's "Smart Curation" filter users travel industry insight to find the most compelling images in your library that are likely to perform the best. And when you find a photo that you love, you can use Similar Photo Finder to find countless more like it in just one click

4| Manage all of your visual assets in one place

Between UGC and your owned assets, you have a ton of high quality visuals for your marketing. But how you store that content is just as important as how you share it.

Say you just received a last-minute media request for photos. If your assets are stored in various subfolders or platforms, or saved with specific file names you just can't remember, it can take you hours to gather the right visuals. 

Now, imagine they're hosted in one place, already tagged with the right keywords, and easily searchable with intelligent search. You can quickly find the right photo for the right occasion, exactly when you need it.


This is the power of CrowdRiff's digital asset management system. Once you've found the photos you need, anyone with the link, including collaborators, micro-influencers or media, can download the assets or embed them. It's that simple. 

Incorporating UGC in your marketing is an original, engaging, and authentic way of promoting your brand. CrowdRiff helps you source and share that content with ease.

Interested in learning more about how CrowdRiff can help your marketing team achieve its goals? Book your tour today.

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Maggie is CrowdRiff’s resident Product Marketing Manager, where she works to define how CrowdRiff adds value to travel marketers across the globe. More often than not, you can find her eating, reading, or obsessively researching her next travel destination.

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