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How CrowdRiff’s Smart Curation Delivers Marketing-Ready Visuals in 60 Seconds Flat

Smart Curation Blog Post - motion-blurred shot of a commuter train pulling into a station

Better content faster. That’s what’s written in permanent marker on every marketer’s wish list.

It’s easy to think of quality (better content) and speed (faster) as separate objectives, but in the real world, they’re inextricably linked.

You need better content to beat out the visuals around it for clicks and attention.

You need it faster because your website, blog, ads and campaigns aren’t going to fill themselves.

But you can’t have one without the other. Speed without quality isn’t going to help you – you can find mediocre content pretty quickly, but it won’t draw any attention. At the same time, if you find an incredible photo but it takes you all afternoon, it’ll put you behind on your other tasks.

Quality and speed are a packaged deal for modern marketers.

CrowdRiff’s Smart Curation uses AI and industry insight to identify your most compelling content in one click, helping you make data-driven decisions at the speed of your marketing.

Find marquee visuals for ads and CTAs

Building a visual identity is an important part of attracting new visitors, so you should strive to provide relevant, striking imagery, whether you’re putting together a keynote presentation for a big conference or a Tuesday afternoon tweet.

But there are times when the spotlight shines a little brighter on individual photos, like when you’re relying on them to drive conversions in ads and CTAs. If you’re putting your faith in an image to stand out from all the other content around it and inspire someone to take action, it’d better be a good one.

With CrowdRiff, you can easily identify the visuals that have the highest potential to captivate your audience.

Need a bright, colorful photo of a bird to feature in your nature walk ad?

With CrowdRiff, an informed choice is only a click away.

Just turn on Smart Curation…

And find some feathered friends to feature.

Use it as a springboard to strengthen the other visuals on your page

On top of helping you identify star photos, Smart Curation also provides a foundation for stronger visuals across your pages and posts.

If you’re a humane society looking to raise awareness about puppy adoption, you’ll need plenty of images of dogs. But if you’re going to convince people to take action, you can’t include just any images – they need to forge an emotional bond. To create that instant connection, you might want to choose photos that feature the dogs’ faces to show their personalities.

That’s a pretty specific request, but with CrowdRiff, you can have an “aww!”-inducing gallery of puppy faces on your page in less than a minute.

After using Smart Curation to find an adorable mug, you can use our Similar Photos feature to surface other photos that feature dogs’ faces prominently.


How easy was that? By building features around your everyday marketing challenges, CrowdRiff allows you to deliver visuals that match your creativity.

Unearth the best of your legacy content

Like most travel and tourism brands, you probably have a deep catalog of visuals from past events, photoshoots and campaigns. And there’s some great stuff in there, but who’s going to sift through the sand to find the gold?

Instead of assigning that time-consuming task to a teammate, why not upload it to CrowdRiff and let Smart Curation do it in a matter of minutes? With Smart Curation, image recognition and our AI-powered search, adding your owned photos and videos to CrowdRiff instantly increases their functional value to your team.

Better visuals faster

In addition to helping you deliver better visuals, CrowdRiff lightens the load on your team so you can focus on what really matters – finding fun new ways to engage and grow your audience.