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3 Ways DMOs Can Attract Their Target Audience with Visuals & CrowdRiff

Compelling visuals are one of the most essential components of a travel marketers toolkit. A beautiful photo or impactful video can make all the difference in a traveler choosing to visit your destination. 

Along with showcasing your brand, visuals are an incredibly effective way of reaching your audience. Whether you’re a major European country looking to attract Korean travelers, or a small island marketing to American millennials, visuals are one of the best ways to target specific segments of your audience. 

Here are 3 ways you can use images (and CrowdRiff) to attract and engage your target market. 

1| Use visuals that reflect your audience & incorporate UGC

Engaging visuals that represent the audience you're trying to reach are key to making your marketing effective, impactful, and inclusive. 

The visuals you use on your website, social channels, and ad campaigns should reflect the people you’re trying to reach.

Use photos and videos that match the demographics or interests of the audience you’re targeting (like Visit Holland does above). With diverse and reflective visuals in your outreach, potential visitors are better able to picture themselves visiting and exploring your destination. 

Add user-generated content to your visual mix

When choosing visuals for your marketing, consider incorporating user-generated content (UGC)

With UGC, you have access to a large volume of diverse, authentic, and trustworthy content that will resonate with your audience. UGC lets you to put your customers front and center in your marketing, using the voices of real travelers to tell your story for you. 

How CrowdRiff can help: 

  • CrowdRiff pulls fresh UGC into your library every day, so you have a constant source of impactful, on-brand visuals at your fingertips. With an ever-growing library of diverse visuals, you’re never at a loss for the type of image you need.  
  • Using Image Recognition and Intelligent Search, it’s easy to find the photo or video you’re looking for. Every visual that enters your library — whether its UGC or an owned asset, like professional photography — is tagged with relevant and descriptive keywords that make it easy to categorize and find content. 
  • The CrowdRiff platform is powered by AI, using data to surface the most compelling visuals that best showcase your brand. With features like Smart Curation and Similar Photo Finder, you can quickly find the right image — and then dozens more like it — with the simple click of a button

2| Drive action with customizable CTAs

Calls-to-action are incredibly effective. Adding CTAs to your website visuals drives action in the moment a visitor is engaged. 

Whether you’re driving visitors to another page on your website or referring them to a partner’s site, a good CTA can be a powerful tool. When you customize your calls-to-action to the language of the audience you’re targeting, it’s one more effective way of reaching them.

You can also add CTAs to specific images you know resonate well with a certain market, increasing the likelihood that you’ll grab their attention and encourage clicks. For example, if you know that British baby boomers are most interested in historical sightseeing, you can add CTAs to the images of famous landmarks on your “Things to Do” page.   

How CrowdRiff can help: 

  • CrowdRiff lets you add fully customizable CTAs to every photo or video in the galleries on your website. They can be custom branded to match your website, and link to whatever page you want.  
  • You can set the language of your galleries so your calls-to-action only appear on your photos in the corresponding language. This helps you target different groups of travelers on specific website pages. 

Fjord Norway includes both Norwegian and English CTAs on the images in their website galleries.

3| Tap into analytics to learn more about your audience 

Good analytics can make all the difference in your visual marketing. When you know more about your audience and how your visuals are performing, you can more effectively target them with personalized content and experiences. 

Here are two different ways you can gather helpful insight on your audience.  

Uncover insights with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you helpful and informative demographic and behavioural data on your audience, like where they’re coming from and what content they enjoy. 

Here are a couple of ways you can use Google Analytics to uncover actionable insight.

  • Identify the right audiences to target. With data on where your website visitors are coming from, you can determine the segments you should target and do so more effectively. Maybe you have a huge number of young Australian travelers checking out your city’s website. Google Analytics gives you the information you need to know who to target, how, and with what content. 
  • See what content is resonating most. Dive into your website analytics to understand the customer journey, what pages are seeing high traffic, and which visual galleries are performing the best. This can tell you the type of content you should push more of, and to whom. 
  • Learn what your audience likes. Google Analytics can give you a wealth of behavioural data on your audience. This information means you can deliver content tailored to them and their interests. For example, if you’re trying to target millenials from England and find that they’re interested in outdoor adventures, you could create a page on your website with a list of the best hiking trails in your country, add CTAs to your "Outdoor Adventure" gallery, or use your best nature-themed photos in digital ads.

How CrowdRiff can help: 

  • CrowdRiff is integrated with Google Analytics, so not only can you uncover helpful insight on your audience, but you can also see how segmented website visitors are interacting with CrowdRiff visual galleries. With the simple flick of a switch, CrowdRiff interactions — like CTA clicks, photo clicks, and gallery views — are brought directly into your own Google Analytics dashboard. 

Identify top-performing visuals and repurpose them in your marketing

With insight on the performance of your photos and videos, you can make better, more informed choices about which visuals to use throughout your marketing.

Look at how each of your visuals are performing across your website and identify the ones that are driving the most engagement or interactions. By pinpointing your best-performing assets, you can optimize your website and shortlist the photos you should use on your social channels and in ad campaigns.

How CrowdRiff can help: 

  • CrowdRiff gives you data on how individual assets are performing, from engagement to interactions to views. When combined with demographic and behavioural data from Google Analytics, you can determine which photos and videos will be the most effective in your marketing.

Make the most of your visual content with CrowdRiff

These are just a few of the ways destination marketers can use visuals to target their audience. With CrowdRiff, you can find compelling, on-brand UGC, store and access your imagery with ease, and get visual marketing insights that help you make the most of your content. 

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