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Coming Soon: Intuitive Publishing Workflow to Do More in Fewer Clicks


When CrowdRiff is sourcing thousands of great visuals for you every day, you’re always coming across new photos that you want to use across several marketing channels.

Now, imagine if you could send any photo to every channel you want in just one step.

Well with our newest product update, it’s possible! Introducing, a fast and streamlined workflow that lets you publish your photos out of CrowdRiff and in front of the eyes of any curious traveler — in fewer clicks.

Send multiple assets to multiple places with just one click

You might discover a photo in CrowdRiff and decide it’s perfect for numerous marketing channels. Social media, website, and maybe even for your newsletter. 

With this new workflow, you can send your photos everywhere you need them in a matter of seconds.


With the new publishing workflow, you can do all this and more in one step:

  1. Add a photo to any number of CrowdRiff Galleries on your site
  2. Send it to Buffer to queue for social sharing
  3. Comment on the original photo to tell the poster to check out their awesome photo featured your website

Whether it’s one photo or a hundred, accomplish everything you want to do within a single, intuitive workflow.

Keep track of where you’ve used any visual asset

Of course, with such a simple way of getting your visuals out there, you’ll need a way to keep track of where they’re all in use.

In the new CrowdRiff, each photo you use will have a record of where you’ve used it.

Which specific Gallery do you feature this photo in? Have you already commented on it on Instagram, or shared it on social media?

This handy record lets you see all that information.

Sometimes you just want to make sure you’re not overusing one photo. Other times, like when policies or licenses change, you need a swift way to see all the places a specific image is in use and swap it out.

With the new CrowdRiff platform, you can instantly identify the places a photo is currently published, and make any changes in a matter of minutes.

New intuitive workflows that work the way you do

From listening to our customers, to finding unexpected ways to delight them, we’re all about building CrowdRiff to align with the way marketers work best. 

The new CrowdRiff features highly intuitive workflows (such as this publishing one) and an impressive user interface, all to better enable you to build and captivate your audience with visual influence.

Stay in the loop for more product updates, and be the first to know when we’re ready to launch the newly finished CrowdRiff.