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Photo Roundup: Ten of the Best Photos In Our Library of Germany

So far in our photo roundup series we’ve tackled the UK, France, and Victoria, Australia. 

Today, we’re continuing our series with a look at ten of the best photos in our library of Germany

As a refresher, we’re diving into our own CrowdRiff library to find some of the best photos we have of various destinations. It's been a really great (and fun!) way to see all of the amazing content real travelers are sharing every day. 

CrowdRiff pulls in photos and videos from social media in real-time, so there’s a ton of great content to go through. To help us narrow down the vast number of photos in our library, we’re using CrowdRiff features like Smart Curation and Intelligent Search, as well as limiting this roundup to images posted in the last couple of weeks.  

PS: if you’d like to see the 10 best photos from your destination, send us an email or tweet! 

10 of the best photos of Germany in our library 

1| @b.sides.tys

This stunning photo shows the incredible Bavarian Alps with Alpsee lake in the distance.

2| @noopsypict_

The colours in this beautiful fall photo of Bacharach made it instantly pop in our content library. 

3| @yoshi_tanabe

In contrast to the bright oranges in the photo above, we loved this photo of Nuremberg for its moody lighting. 

Tip: we found this photo by using our Recommended Assets stream. Based on your prior photo curation habits (i.e. the type of photos you choose to use in galleries, etc.), CrowdRiff will automatically recommended photos we think you’ll like. 

4| @cheshire.stef

We really liked the soft focus of this shot of Germany’s famous Bastei Bridge. 

5| @k.em.illy

Germany is known for having some of the best Christmas markets in the world, like this lovely one in Cologne.  

Tip: we love when destinations repost seasonal photos like this one to promote local events!

6| @cariso_foto

The architecture captured in this shot of Dresden instantly made it one of our favourites. 

7| @almiwalk

This photo perfectly captures the charm of Quedlinburg.

8| @aachenviews

We love the motion captured in this festive and vibrant shot of Aachen, Germany. 

9| @mateiraulalin

A trip to Germany isn’t complete without a visit to one of the country’s most famous attractions, Neuschwanstein Castle. There was a huge selection of photos of the castle in our library, but we loved this one because of the detail you can see.

10| @herrschleinig

The incredible bell tower of Hamburg’s St. Michael’s Church really stood out to us in this photo.