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Photo Roundup: Ten of the Best Photos In Our Library of the UK

Compelling and unique visuals are one of the best ways to showcase everything your destination has to offer. Whether you’re reposting a video of a famous landmark or using a photo of local eats in your digital ads, a great image can help persuade potential travelers to plan a trip. 

This is especially true of user-generated content. People love to see photos from actual travelers — it gives them an idea of what they can expect when they visit your destination, like what to do, where to eat, and where to stay. It’s both a trustworthy and inspiring source, as it’s real people using their own voice to share their experience. 

Using CrowdRiff to discover engaging visuals of your destination 

One of the best parts of using the CrowdRiff platform is getting to see all of the incredible, new photos and videos that travelers are sharing every day. CrowdRiff makes it easy to discover UGC by pulling in visuals from social media in real-time, so you always have a source of fresh content in your library. 

With CrowdRiff, you can quickly and easily find on-brand, high-quality user-generated content by using filters like Smart Curation, Recommended Assets, and Similar Photo Finder. They help you find the best visuals in your library in just a few clicks. 

Using these features, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 10 of the best photos of the UK in our own library. Since there’s a huge amount of content coming into CrowdRiff daily, we’re limiting this post to photos from the last week. 

10 of the best photos of the UK in our library 

1| @clementinecoppolani

A historic abbey and beautiful blue skies combine to make this stunning photo of Holyrood Abbey. A must-visit if you’re ever in Scotland!  

2| @discovercymru

We love that this photo by @mathughes shows the beauty of visiting Snowdonia National Park in colder temperatures. Here, @discovercymru reposted Mat’s photo to show how incredible Wales is in the off-season. 


Who wouldn’t want to spend a day exploring Cambridge’s colourful outdoor market?  

4| @adamjason1

This dramatic photo captures the beauty of a rainy day in England with a tour of one of the region’s most interesting attractions, Hampton Court Palace. 

5| @sophiealexxander

We love the pure joy on these girls’ faces as they reach the viewpoint of the Pap of Glencoe.

6| @jumping.joel1

This stunning photo shows one of Northern Ireland’s most famous natural attractions (and a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Giant’s Causeway. 

7| @thewanderingcavaliers

I mean, how could you not love this photo of this adorable pup exploring North Wales?

8| @pietrolley

The colours in this fall photo are incredible — we really love how the colour of the trees perfectly matches the red brick.   

Tip: We were able to narrow our search and find some of the best fall photos through CrowdRiff’s AI-powered image recognition and intelligent search. When photos and videos enter the CrowdRiff platform, they're automatically tagged with descriptive keywords (i.e. “fall”, “autumn”, “leaves”, etc.) so that discoverability is quick and easy. 

9| @giz.k

This lovely photo captures the sheer charm of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

10| @dearestf0x

Dramatic skies and rolling greens make this a quintessential shot of Northern Ireland. 

These are just a few of the incredible photos of the UK in our library right now. With fresh content coming in daily, there are countless other visuals that could be included in this list! 

Alongside the ability to discover great UGC, it’s also really easy to put it to use across your marketing channels. Using CrowdRiff, it took only minutes to pull together this blog post. We were we able to quickly narrow down the best photos in the region, embed them in our post, and create a visual gallery in just a few clicks.