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Photo Roundup: Ten of the Best Photos In Our Library of Victoria, Australia

We've had so much fun putting together our “Ten of the Best” photo roundup blogs that we're officially turning it into a series. 

So far, we’ve found incredible images of the UK and France, using CrowdRiff features like Smart Curation to narrow down our options.  

Continuing on a tour of photos in our CrowdRiff library, this time we’re taking a look at Australia. In this post we're rounding up ten of the best photos we have of Victoria, from Melbourne to Phillip Island. 

PS: if you’d like to see the 10 best photos from your destination, send us an email or tweet! 

Ten of the best photos of Victoria, AU in our library 

1| @mygoldencooper
There are tons of amazing photos of the Brighton Bathing Boxes, but these sweet dogs make this shot one of the best! 

2| @damohilton
Melbourne just might be at its finest at sunrise.

3| @vilmapetrokaite
Obviously, we had to include a kangaroo photo! 

4| @flore.csn
A trip to Australia isn’t complete without a visit to the famous Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road.

5| @krystal___jade
We love the colours in this video of the waves crashing into the rocks on Phillip Island. 

Tip: Finding video content in your CrowdRiff library is super simple. We knew we wanted to include a video on this list, so all we had to do was search for the kind of video we wanted (i.e. #VisitVictoria) and then click the video filter.

6| @kylietravers_au

This photo makes us want to spend a day (or two) exploring the Yarra Valley, one of Australia’s popular wine regions.

7| @iambillmcdougall
This is a beautiful shot of the historic buildings in Bendigo, Victoria.

8| @sullivan.rochelle
We love this quintessential shot of Australia in Portland, a city on the southwest coast of Victoria.

9| @ivinduhewage
This lovely photo shows the must-see East Warburton Redwood Forest.  

10| @pooja.kanda
We love the vibrant colours of this shot of The Grotto along the Great Ocean Road.