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Reach Travelers Wherever They Are With CrowdRiff's Multilingual Galleries & CTAs

Consider these scenarios: 

  • A traveler views the gallery on your “Where to Eat” partner page, sees a photo they like, and clicks the CTA on that photo. When they do, they’re taken directly to your partner’s website to book a dinner reservation. 
  • A potential guest to your resort is checking out the gallery on your homepage, where the CTA on one of the visuals takes them to your booking portal, where they book their stay. 
  • While browsing your website, a visitor finds an engaging photo of an art gallery, so they click the CTA on the image and are taken to your blog post about the best galleries in your state.

The common denominator here? All of these scenarios had calls-to-action on the images in their galleries, and those CTAs directed visitors to more information, helpful resources, or connected them to partners. 

Direct traffic and encourage action with CTAs 

There are countless benefits to adding calls-to-action to the images in your galleries. When you add a CTA, you’re capitalizing on the impact of a great and compelling visual by driving intent and action among your website visitors. 

Whether you’re trying to direct traffic to your “Top 10 Things to Do in Summer” blog post, link to a partner’s website, or send visitors directly to your reservation page, CTAs are an effective way of engaging visitors and encouraging action. 

Target your audience with multilingual galleries & CTAs 

We're excited to announce that we’ve just expanded and improved the functionality of our galleries and CTAs so they’re easier to use and even more useful.

You can now embed galleries on your website in a chosen language—as of now, there are 12 language options available—which means that galleries will only display a CTA in the associated language.

Now, you can have the same curated gallery on the different language pages of your website. When you choose the language of the gallery when you embed it, only the CTA in that language will appear on the image. 

Your visual galleries are even more impactful and effective, driving traffic (and conversions!) where you want it. You can target specific travelers with ease, and your galleries and CTAs are simpler, visually cleaner, and easier to use.

With CTAs in multiple languages, you can: 

  • Target travelers in a specific part of the world. Maybe you’re trying to attract more French travelers to your state. Or, capture Chinese travelers looking to visit the East Coast. Now, you can customize your galleries to the audience you’re trying to reach. Not only can you select diverse and authentic visuals that cater to that audience, but you can drive action with a CTA in their language that links to whatever page you want.
  • Display beautiful, clean galleries on your website. This enhancement means you can now have only one CTA displayed per image, rather than multiple CTAs in different languages on the same photo. Since you can select a language for your galleries, only the CTA in the chosen language will appear! Your galleries are cleaner, simpler, easier to navigate, and more aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Drive action. Calls-to-action are more effective and easier to use. Including more CTAs on your visuals means more clicks and more action - it’s that simple. 

CTAs are an effective and engaging way of directing website visitors to additional information or encouraging action. With the ability to target galleries to specific audiences, they're more useful and important than ever.