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Requesting Rights to @Mentioned Instagram Content is Now Faster Than Ever

Did you hear the news? It's now even faster for travel brands to request the rights to photos from their most engaged audiences and advocates with CrowdRiff's latest enhancement to the rights management process. 

Countless amounts of user-generated content is created and shared by your greatest brand advocates every day. Consider this: 

A guest at your hotel posts a picture of themselves lounging poolside to Instagram, tagging you in the post to say how beautiful your property is. 

A visitor to your museum sees a piece of art that moves them, so they decide to share it with their friends. 

A traveler posts a vacation throwback, @mentioning your DMO with a comment about how much they love your city. 

These are your biggest fans, and they're snapping and sharing photos about your brand all on their own. Tapping into this treasure trove of UGC allows you to authentically interact with your audience and is a surefire way of sourcing the best and most relevant visuals

Get rights to the most relevant content at scale

When an Instagram user @mentions you, you're directly fed visuals that are highly relevant to your brand. With CrowdRiff, you can use intelligent search to surface the perfect photos, and then request permission to use them. 

Now, getting the rights to use these visuals in your marketing is even faster than ever. You can send rights requests to Instagram users who have @mentioned you without ever having to leave CrowdRiff. 

Photos you've been @mentioned in are easily identified with an @ icon. 

With the latest @mention enhancement to the rights management process, travel brands can: 

  • Quickly request rights to @mentioned photos. Save time and speed up the rights request process by sending multiple requests directly within the CrowdRiff platform. You can select @mentioned photos from your collection and send a customized request in just one click. 
  • Streamline your workflows. All @mentioned photos you are requesting rights to will be marked with an @ icon so you can easily identify them. All you need to do is select the photos you want, and you'll be requesting rights in no time. 
  • Build and nurture a relationship with your audience. CrowdRiff will display the comment you were @mentioned in in the request summary box, providing you with added context to the conversation. You can edit your comment before you send it, giving you the ability to further personalize your message. For example, if you can see a user has asked you a question in their caption, you can answer it in your comment! 

CrowdRiff will show you exactly where you were @mentioned, adding key context to the conversation. You can then send the rights request directly within CrowdRiff. 

At CrowdRiff, we want to make it as easy and fast as possible to get rights to relevant and impactful visuals. With the new @mentioned rights request process, you'll spend less time sourcing images, and more time using them. 

Header image courtesy of Luca Bravo and found on Unsplash

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Maggie is CrowdRiff’s resident Product Marketing Manager, where she works to define how CrowdRiff adds value to travel marketers across the globe. More often than not, you can find her eating, reading, or obsessively researching her next travel destination.

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