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Now You Can Make Smarter Decisions About Which Instagram Hashtags You Track

CrowdRiff's Enhanced Instagram Hashtag Tracker

Pop quiz: Which of the Instagram hashtags you’re tracking generates the most content? Which pulled in the fewest visuals last week? If you had to remove a tracked hashtag, which would you remove? Would you feel confident about
your choice?

Your Instagram Hashtag Tracker page now gives you important insights at a glance

As the world around us changes, the content posted to social media is changing with it. That also means that travel brands need to be aware that the UGC that resonated with people before may no longer land, especially as many DMOs shift their focus to engaging with a local audience.

All that to say staying on top of the hashtags your locals are using is paramount. Perhaps you’ve already been doing that, or perhaps that means a shift in your strategy and how you track social posts. Either way, it’s more important than ever to have an accurate sense of which hashtags are working hardest for you, and which may no longer be relevant.

It can seem tricky to change which hashtags you track though. You may want to start tracking more local hashtags to find visuals that appeal to your residents. You may also want to drop hashtags that are focused on, say, attracting international visitors to your destination. But how do you make an informed decision about what terms to remove and what ones to keep?

Hashtags are now sortable by status and you can view the assets pulled in from each

CrowdRiff’s improved Instagram hashtag tracker page enables you to make informed decisions quickly, so it’s easy to ensure you’re always pulling in the most relevant and timely visuals.

With the enhancements made to the Hashtag Tracker page, it’s easy to see exactly what volume of content each hashtag brought in, and what kind of change it has seen week over week. You’ll have the insights you need at your fingertips, so you can feel confident you’re making the right decisions about your hashtags.

You can also leverage the tracking insights to monitor sentiment and behavior from your audience. Have your local hashtags been rising week-over-week and your travel ones declining? Or did you see a sudden surge or drop in a hashtag? This is valuable information that can help inform your marketing strategy now and in
the future.

Beyond that, your tracked hashtags are also now sortable by status, so it is easy to see which hashtags are currently active, being added, removed, or inactive.

Check out the enhanced Instagram Tracker page now

Now you can take the guesswork out of your Instagram tracking. And the best part? It’s already live in your CrowdRiff account.

Not yet a CrowdRiff customer? Book a walkthrough of the platform and we’d be happy to show you how easy it is to leverage user-generated content for your marketing efforts.