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Startup Open House 2015

CrowdRiff participated in Startup Open House this year, being in great company as the best startups in Canada opened their doors to the community.

As we are recruiting for open positions at the moment, we thought it would be a great idea to show people what #lifeatcrowdriff is really like and get involved in the vibrant startup community of the city.

How We Prepared For Startup Open House

The sign up process on the event website was relatively easy and free, thanks to the sponsors of the event. The organizers were very helpful and even though we signed up late, we received a detailed promotion pack with posters and stickers ready for printing and a lot of other press and promotions material.

With only a few days to promote the event, we announced it on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It gave us a good excuse to organize the office, top up our beer supply and get our office minion ready to be our mascot.


The Door Opens!

We didn’t really know who or what to expect and were pleasantly surprised when we received a guest right on the dot at 4pm. Visitors slowly trickled in and joined us on the couch for some beers, coffee and conversation.

They were invited to take a photo in our studio and share it on their social channels with the hashtag #lifeatcrowdriff. This was our chance to show off our product in action! As soon as we moderated the photos, they would get custom conversation starters like:

“You look great in our office ? Thanks for dropping by for #soh2015! See you next year!”

This move generated a few awesome photos for us and gave a chance to delight our visitors and build a connection with them on our social channels.



Linda from University of Toronto dropped by for #soh2015 #lifeatcrowdriff A photo posted by CrowdRiff (@crowdriff) on




#lifeatcrowdriff #soh2015 Jamie and Delphine from Singas! A photo posted by CrowdRiff (@crowdriff) on




Take a photo with the minion at @CrowdRiff HQ! #SOH2015 #lifeatcrowdriff   A photo posted by Ryan Krieg (@ryankrieg) on


Startup Open House was a big success and we’d like to give the organizers a hearty Thank You for putting on this great event for the Canadian Startup Community.

We look forward to opening our doors to everyone again next year!