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Ten Portland Instagrammers We Love

Everyone loves seeing the top Instagram accounts in their city, and also in the cities that they are about to visit. It helps give visitors an idea of what there is to do, see and eat in the destination, and of course, help them find that perfect Instagram spot. For destinations, finding local influencers can be the key to reaching a larger group of people and increasing your social reach.

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Canadian public transport 🐕 @sunpeaksresort #SunPeaks360

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It is not as easy to find the best Instagrammers in your destination as it may seem, especially if you're doing it manually. Using the CrowdRiff platform, a quick way to discover the top Instagrammers in your city is to use the Search Insights tab to see which instagram contributors have the most posts in your library. It's an easy, and effective shortcut to finding the top photographers to request rights from or team up with. Using this feature, we pulled together this awesome list of the top ten Instagrammers of Portland

Ready to get inspired?




These photos beautifully capture Portland’s great outdoors and their soft colours contribute to the feed’s natural tone.


Eventful mornings in West Glacier.

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@jenlikestoeat is a food author and writer of “Portland’s 100 best places to stuff your face”. She has lots of great pictures of tasty food guaranteed to make your tummy rumble.


Clams Casino pie at #ApizzaScholls–Manila clams, bacon, herbs & plenty of garlic.?

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Pro Tip: We whipped up this blog post in minutes using the CrowdRiff platform, which helps you to identify the biggest visual influencers in your destination. Want to find out who the biggest influencers in your city are?



This account offers a great mix of urban and nature photos – its feed nicely juxtaposes Portland’s serenity and edginess.



This photographer is a real flower child with a feed featuring lots of florals and beautiful head shots.



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This account features some of Portland’s brightest sunsets and most breathtaking colour blends.


Last night's Pdx slow jam ??? . The sky last night didn't make up its mind if it was gonna skunk until I left the grocery store and this was waiting for me as I headed home ? . Have a beautiful humpday y'all ? Thanks always for the enjoyment ?? . As always check out my friends embedded in this image. Also check the people they tag. That's how we support our friend's! ?? . ?Settings and Suchwhat? @nikonusa D810 Nikkor 24-120mm ISO: 64 Aperture: F/11 Shutter: 1/60th Filter: None Tripod: @mefototripods White Balance: 6200k Raw always raw. Edit: Lightroom/ig . . . #pnwonderland #awesomeearth #1 #2 #sunrise #landscape #pnw #portland #pdx #oregon #nature #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #gettyimages #community #420 #nikon #d810 #nofilter #fall #autumn #spring #sunset #travelingourplanet #earthpix #earthfever #moodygrams #earthfocus #tlpicks #watchthisinstagood

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A rescued Golden Retriever is photographed doing human things like reading, gardening and driving – Rusty is definitely the cutest of our Instagram picks!


I have no idea how to read a paper map. C'mon, let's go get lost in adventure. #adventure #letsgo #touristing

A post shared by RUSTY RODAS (@rustyrodas) on



@jade_melissa is a Portland based artist whose feed gives you an authentic peek at the city’s trendy art scene.


I hope your weekend was as fun as ours. Cheers to a productive week ahead ☕

A post shared by Jade Sheldon (@jade_melissa) on



This artistic mother who mainly features her adorable, photogenic kids hits a soft spot for all of us here.


I was inside cleaning, walked out back to check on my wild things and found them like this. I can't even ❤

A post shared by Whitney Eldredge (@whirlybirdwhitney) on



@thomasguy has an artistic eye for simple things – ordinary objects like cars, flowers, houses and skies become so interesting through his lens.


A post shared by Thomas Guy (@thomasguy) on



@socalitybarbie is an account that was created to poke fun at all of the ‘ridiculous’ Instagram trends by posing Hipster Barbie in photos with hilarious, mocking captions. The account is, unfortunately, no longer active though.



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