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14 Tour Operator Industry Leaders to Follow on Social Media

14 Tour Operator Industry Leaders to Follow on Social Media

Tour operator marketing can be a challenge. How can you create click-worthy campaigns when the industry is in a constant state of flux? 

Thankfully, following the right people on social media will help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry happenings. Here, influencers from the travel sphere showcase the latest trending travel topics. As a result, you can elevate your marketing strategy to the next level and plan your future campaigns. 

Check out these 14 tour operator marketing experts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bruce Poon Tip | @brucepoontip

As the founder of tour company G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip has years of experience in the travel space, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Now, he's sharing his secrets on Twitter, with more than 15,000 tweets already posted.

More than 30,000 people follow Bruce's account, which features the latest travel news, beautiful photos from unusual travel destinations, and, of course, must-know marketing insights. 

Geoff Manchester | @GeoffManchester

Tour operator Intrepid Travel specializes in local experiences — vacations that you won't find in travel brochures. Company co-founder Geoff Manchester, therefore, fills his feed with blog posts and news articles about authentic locations that are off the beaten path. 

Unpopulated Pacific islands, secret landmarks, and cities that you've never heard about — you'll find it all on Geoff's Twitter, which bursts to the brim with candid, human stories from real travelers. 

Padraic Gilligan | @Padraicino

As managing partner at SoolNua and chief marketing officer at SITEGlobal, Dublin-based Padraic Gilligan knows a thing or two about travel. He's an expert on destination meetings and events, especially incentive travel. His Twitter feed, therefore, provides in-depth analysis and insights that satisfy travel marketers in every niche. 

Why should you follow? Padraic highlights the latest podcasts, articles, and travel-related good causes that you need to know about. It's no wonder, then, that he has more than 7,000 followers (and counting!). 

Geoffrey Kent | @Geoffrey_Kent

Geoffrey Kent from Abercrombie & Kent isn't just another busy CEO with a vanity page. His Twitter profile is the real deal: It includes the latest insights from the world of exclusive luxury adventure travel — a growing market that tour operators need to capitalize on. 

Geoffrey also shines a spotlight on sustainable tourism initiatives, which are growing every year. As travelers look for more eco-friendly travel options in the future, marketers can certainly learn a thing or two from Geoffrey's tweets. 

Claire Trickett | @ClaireTrickett

As editor of andBeyond magazine, Claire Trickett knows her stuff, and her Twitter page features loads of resources for tour marketers who want to carve a niche in the lucrative safari vacation market. 

From the latest articles about safari travel, as well as threats that are facing the industry, Trickett's Twitter page is definitely worth a follow. She posts loads of cute photos of hyenas, too! 

Douglas Quinby | @douglasquinby

Looking for in-destination events full of authenticity that your guests are sure to remember? Check out Douglas Quinby's Twitter feed for some inspiration! Here, you'll find the best articles about tours and activities from the web, as well as Douglas' own thoughts about the industry in general.

If that wasn't enough, follow this feed for the latest news about startups in the tour sector that you need to know about before anybody else. 

Paul Brady | @p_brady

With more than 17,000 tweets, travel expert Paul Brady is an influencer in the tour operator space, and his page compiles burning travel-related issues in one place. Blog posts, white papers, photos, you name it — Paul's Twitter is the must-go destination for tour operators who want to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Paul always has his finger on the pulse, and you'll be the first to hear about the latest travel trends if you follow him. Use all of this information to move your prospects through your sales and marketing funnels. 

Sheralyn Berry | @Contikiberri

Sheralyn Berry, President of the tour operator Contiki Holidays Canada, tweets travel tidbits and must-click pics to her followers. Follow her for inspirational reads and brilliant blog posts from around the web.

Sheralyn tweets three or four times a day, so there's plenty to inspire, educate, and inform you on your lunch break or commute to work. 

You can also check out Sheralyn's LinkedIn page.

Alan Dixson | @LetsGoSafari

LetsGoSafari CEO Alan Dixson's on-the-ground perspective from emerging tourism destinations will resonate with any marketer who takes sustainability and responsible tourism seriously. Frequently-tweeted topics include "overtourism" — a recent travel trend that is changing the way OTAs market destinations. 

There's also an emphasis on ecotravel and tips on how travel operators can make sustainable travel more attractive to the public. Follow this account if global travel with conscious interests you. 

Peter Syme | petersyme

Peter Syme is an adventure travel specialist that you need to know about in 2019, and his LinkedIn page includes some great articles for travel marketers who want to bring their A-game. 

These resources run the gamut from travel personalization to leadership, and Syme's unique take on the industry is certainly worth attention as he's traveled more than 120 counties. Check out his LinkedIn page for original content with loads of great ideas. 

Standout postUnderstanding OTA's In Tours And Activities

Andy Freeth | @andy_freeth

As you know, luxury travel is one of the biggest travel trends in the tour operator space and, if you want to be in the know, Andy Freeth has you covered. As CEO of luxury tour operator If Only, Andy features the most glamorous travel destinations, as well as shout outs from other influencers that you might want to follow. 

Andy cares what you think, too. There are frequent polls, where you can give your opinion about the latest trending travel topic.

Johannes Reck | @JohannesReck

Johannes Reck, CEO and co-founder of GetYourGuide, discusses the challenges and opportunities that face tech companies in the travel sphere. Berlin-based Johannes features the latest financial and political news that could impact travel tech companies at a moment's notice, making his Twitter feed a valuable resource. 

Scroll down Johannes' page for articles from a wide range of publications, as well as his own insights as an entrepreneur. Interested in tech and tourism? Make sure you follow this account. 

James Blick | @JamesBlickSpain

Cuisine is a crucial component of any travel experience, and marketers often focus on food when creating their campaigns. If you want some inspiration, check out James Blick's Twitter page, which includes insider tips on culinary tour marketing. James has featured on CBS, BBC. and Channel 4, and he has a popular YouTube channel

Even if you don't want to incorporate cuisine into your campaigns, James' Twitter page is well worth a follow for his photos of mouth-watering dishes from around the world — a must-see for foodies. 

Ruzwana Bashir | @ruzwana

Ruzwana Basir, founder and CEO of tour company Peek, has plenty of travel-related experiences that she wants to share on Twitter. On her page, you'll find valuable insights about tech in the tour industry, as well as recommendations and retweets from other influencers. 

Ruzwana also shares her opinions about female leadership in the travel sector.

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