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How Zip World Increases Direct Bookings with CrowdRiff

Visitors travel from far and wide to experience the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2, in North Wales. What many don’t know, however, is that the attraction is just one of more than a dozen unique experiences and seasonal events offered by North Wales-based adventure company, Zip World

Known far and wide for their record-breaking attraction, the company now seeks to demonstrate all it has to offer to a much wider audience.

The challenge: showcasing the variety of activities Zip World offers

“Velocity is a key part of what made us famous—having the world's fastest zip line. Now, we're trying to show different things across different sites,” explained Mike Hazleton, Zip World’s Digital Revenue Manager.

“We're trying to show people we're more than that, and show them the other adventures we have, making them aware of everything we can offer.” 

While Zip World does offer a range of extreme activities, Hazleton acknowledges that ziplining isn’t for everyone. The company’s three locations in North Wales also include more family-friendly activities, like an underground trampoline-style adventure, and Europe’s longest net walkway, which hangs 60ft above a forest. 

While driving direct sales has always been a priority, the company is now evolving its marketing strategy to also emphasize brand awareness, especially outside of its local market and beyond its most popular attraction. 

“Now, we’re trying to make sure everyone across the whole of the U.K. is aware of who we are and what we’re doing,” he says. “We’re trying to target the right audiences while spreading our brand as far as we can.”

Using UGC and CrowdRiff galleries to build brand awareness and drive sales

Hazleton adds that the company has leaned on user-generated content (UGC) to spread awareness of these other attractions, as it performs better than traditional photography. “User-generated content is generally more likely to drive conversions than traditional photo shoots,” he says. 

Today, Zip World uses CrowdRiff to share UGC throughout its website and social media channels, including a gallery on its homepage that showcases all the company has to offer, as well as specific galleries for each event and attraction. 

“Velocity 2 (the fastest zip line) is probably the least engaged gallery, because everyone knows what it is," explains Hazleton. "The smaller adventures that people aren't so aware of are the ones everyone’s clicking through to find more information on.”

The result: CrowdRiff galleries have led to better engagement, increased conversions, and a higher average booking 

Zip World’s two event-specific UGC galleries have engagement rates (the percentage of website visitors who interact with a gallery) of 97% and 133%, as users tend to spend more time exploring the attractions they’re less familiar with, according to Hazleton.

Not only are CrowdRiff galleries engaging website visitors, but they’re also causing them to stick around longer and spend more. 

Of all visitors to the Zip World website, 35% interact with a CrowdRiff gallery, and the time spent on their adventure-focused pages has increased by 22%. According to Zip World’s internal data, users who interact with a Crowdriff gallery spend more on online purchases and bookings.

CrowdRiff has also had a positive effect during Zip World’s busiest month, August. In just that month alone, CrowdRiff galleries influenced over 2,400 additional conversions on the Zip World website. 

“They're more likely to purchase after seeing the content,” he says. “And because we get such a variety of content from CrowdRiff, there's something for every audience, whether they're thrill-seekers or just want a relaxed day out.”  

Measuring the impact galleries have on website performance with CrowdRiff Insights  

The organization is also one of a handful to get first access to CrowdRiff Insights, a new capability that lets companies like Zip World better measure the impact that CrowdRiff galleries have on their website performance. 

“I use it to get a top-line view of how the galleries are performing, and the impacts that they're having,” says Hazleton. 

With CrowdRiff Insights, Zip World can see how galleries are influencing their website conversion rate, revenue, and performance metrics, like pages per visit and CTA conversion rate.

They can also see their top-performing visuals, with data on their top converting, most engaging, and most viewed assets in their library. 

CrowdRiff is an essential component of Zip World's marketing strategy 

Hazleton adds that CrowdRiff will be instrumental in helping Zip World build awareness of its new adventures and events as it continues to expand its offering. 

“Once we have new adventures and new sites opening we'll be using it as much as we can,” he says. “It's a key component of anything we're looking to sell on the website.”

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