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How Travel Brands Like Space Needle & BC Wine Institute Use CrowdRiff for Reopening

Regional road trips, contests, and crowd-sourced itineraries. This week in our customer community roundup, we're featuring creative ideas on how travel brands like Space Needle, BC Wine Institute, and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development are using CrowdRiff as an essential part of their reopening plans. 

Read on to get inspiration for your own reopening, as well as ideas on how to use CrowdRiff in new and innovative ways. 

Reopening while promoting messages of health and safety

Space Needle is preparing to reopen by showing photos of guests

Space Needle, the observation tower in Seattle, Washington, is preparing to open its doors again.

For the last few months, the CrowdRiff gallery on their homepage has been showing photos of healthcare workers to show support. Now, they've updated the gallery to reflect images of the Needle and previous guests.

The user-generated content is focused on small groups of people and no crowds. This communicates to visitors that not only is the attraction about to reopen, but it also reinforces a message that they're prioritizing people's health and safety with safe social distancing. 

How to do it:

  1. Search your CrowdRiff library for photos and videos you want to use. Remember, you don't necessarily need new content. Once you find an image that displays what you want to convey (like small groups of people), use features like Similar Photos to find visually similar photos in a matter of seconds. 
  2. Try saving a search for easy access to the photos and videos you want!
  3. Get the rights for the visuals you want to use.
  4. Add the image to your existing homepage gallery by clicking the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner and choosing the gallery you want to add the image to. 

Reopening with a focus on intrastate or regional travel

The BC Wine Institute is running a contest using Collector and a hashtag

Last week, the province of BC entered phase three of its recovery, meaning travel within the province is allowed. 

To get people excited about traveling to vineyards throughout the province, the BC Wine Institute is running a contest. They're looking for people's best photos or videos of BC wine or at a BC vineyard. The winner will get an all-expenses-paid, four day trip for two to BC wine country. 

They're collecting contest entries via social media and through a CrowdRiff Collector. 

How to do it:

  1. Choose a goal, determine your rules, hashtag (if necessary), and timeline.
  2. Create a Collector link and customize it with your name, logo, and terms & conditions.
  3. Share the Collector link on your social media channels, in your blog, and in your newsletter. You can also copy and paste the Collector embed code onto your website or blog.
  4. To find content that was added to CrowdRiff through a Collector, click "view assets" next to the Collector link, or search “collector-portal” or any of the other keywords you may have added. 

The Indiana Office of Tourism is promoting local recovery campaigns to its partners

In an email newsletter to its industry partners, the Indiana Office of Tourism shares information about state-wide recovery campaigns. 

For example, its road trips website features 22 different pre-planned road trips throughout the state that can be tailored to each visitor’s specific wants and needs.

Each road trip destination features an interactive map of the area with key stops along the way, as well as a UGC gallery powered by CrowdRiff. 

The visuals show how people are maintaining physical distancing guidelines, a wealth of spacious outdoor activities, and what attractions are open. This real-time visual proof gives interested visitors the confidence they need to go there. 

How to do it:

  1. Make a list of relevant partners and their social profiles. Add these partners to your tracked business accounts in CrowdRiff. 
  2. Identify any relevant, regional hashtags, and add these to your tracked hashtags
  3. Get the rights to the visuals you want to use. 
  4. Create a gallery for each region. 
  5. Copy and paste the Gallery embed code to the webpage for each region.

Stevens Point Area CVB crowdsourced the perfect weekend itinerary 

To celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week 2020, the Stevens Point Area CVB headed online to honor the spirit of travel in recognition of the industry. As part of the week-long celebration, they asked their Instagram and Facebook communities to vote for their favorite things to do for a perfect #StePoWknd.

They compiled the crowdsourced results of the daily #StePo Showdown results. Then they took the results and crafted a weekend itinerary leveraging UGC content from the places mentioned. 

"Now the content will be useful as we move from local audiences to travelers looking for nearby adventures and road trip suggestions."

- Melissa Sabel, Communications Manager

How to do it:

  1. Create a poll for your fans & followers to vote for their favorite things to do in your area or city.
  2. Once you have your results, find relevant content for each activity and pull it into a CrowdRiff gallery. 
  3. Get the rights to the visuals you want to use. 
  4. Create a simple visual blog post to promote your itinerary to locals and future travelers. Embed Galleries throughout the post and write a short caption for each activity.  

Grand County Tourism Board uses UGC video series to inspire and delight

Visit Grand County showcases outdoor adventure, pets, and spectacular alpine views through the lens of locals and visitors with a UGC video series to inspire and delight.

How to do it:

  1. Source UGC video content from your partners, community, and future travelers. Remember, you can also use Collector to gather high-quality, rights-approved visuals from your community as well.
  2. If you're not using Collector, get the rights to every video you want to use.
  3. Upload the video content and embed it on your website. 

Reopening with a focus on local travel

Visit South Bend created a blog post encouraging people to wear masks in the community

As the state of Indiana continues to reopen, Visit South Bend is reminding people to wear masks. 

In their blog post, they relay information from public health officials to reinforce best practices around safety information. They also make it clear that wearing a mask helps "protect each other and our region, plus it shows that we're still all in this together." 

They included a CrowdRiff gallery to help convey the message.

How to do it: 

  1. Gather content from hashtags, your partners, or via Collector, like Visit Huntsville.
  2. Pull this content into a CrowdRiff Gallery and embed it on your website.

Sunshine Coast Tourism is featuring local artists in a blog post

Did you know the Sunshine Coast has one of the highest concentrations of artists in Canada?

Sunshine Coast Tourism reached out to local artists to do a blog called "Into the Studio: Spotlight on Sunshine Coast Artists." To collect videos, they sent a Collector link to artists. They then downloaded the videos from their CrowdRiff library, compiled short YouTube clips, and embedded the YouTube videos on the blog post. 

How to do it:

  1. Create a Collector or multiple Collectors and send them out to whoever you want to gather content from.
  2. Go to your CrowdRiff library and download the videos.
  3. Upload them to YouTube.
  4. Copy the embed code and paste it into your blog or landing page.

Have an example you think we should know about? Let us know in our Community Stories Hub.

Image credit: @kalisaveer

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