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5 Ways CrowdRiff Helps DMOs Be Better Visual Influencers


You’ve heard the saying, “Looks aren’t everything.”

And in most cases, we’d agree!

However, when it comes to spreading the word about your destination (to attract new tourists and fans), visual influence matters more than ever.


As a DMO, you want to stand out as the visual influencer (or authority) for your destination, and inspire potential travelers with powerful visual stories. You want to be the first place people go to when they want to find out what kind of travel experience you can offer.

CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform helps DMO’s, attractions, and museums become better visual influencers, to spark powerful engagement, and stand out as the go-to experts in their field.  

These are five ways CrowdRiff helps brands take hold of their visual influence, and be better visual influencers.

1 | Finding your destination’s best UGC photos with powerful tracking and search functions

Every day, people are sharing photos of your destination all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (and more). CrowdRiff helps you easily tap into this growing collection of visual content, by sourcing relevant photos into the platform.

Each time someone shares a photo or video tagged with a hashtag you’re tracking, it appears in CrowdRiff.

That makes it easy for you as a visual influencer, to stay up-to-date on what people are sharing in your destination. By browsing the photos CrowdRiff pulls in, you can discover the local coffee shops locals are frequenting, the attractions that make the best photo-op spots, and the latest trends in your destination.


“There’s so much going on you find little nuggets of things that are happening in town, new public art, new murals, new stuff happening…you can have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on.” 

Wes Rhea, CEO of Visit Stockton

And one of the best parts about your CrowdRiff collection is that the thousands of photos in there are all searchable and sortable. Our industry-leading search lets you search more than just hashtags and keywords.

CrowdRiff discovery visual marketing platform

So whether you know what you’re looking for, or just want to discover something new, CrowdRiff can help you find the photos to be the best visual influencer in your location.

2 | Storing all your visual assets in one organized hub

User-generated photos of course aren’t the only visuals you have — you probably have photos from professional shoots, images you’ve taken yourself, event pictures, and such.

CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform is a hub for all of these. Besides pulling in user-generated photos into your collection, you can also upload any owned visual assets, so that all your visuals are stored in one place.


CrowdRiff also makes it simple to sort and organize all your photos. You can tag photos and sort them into folders, so that while your collection might be huge, everything remains easy-to-find.

What’s more, using artificial intelligence, in the form of Google Cloud Vision, every photo you upload is automatically tagged with relevant keywords — meaning your entire CrowdRiff collection is searchable.


Having everything in one place makes it easier to keep on top of all the assets available for your use, so you can get creative with your visual influence campaigns.

3 | Simplifying rights management for UGC photos

A part of being a powerful visual influencer involves curating and showcasing the photos that tell your brand story best. And since others are always sharing photos in your destination, having a system in place to get rights to use UGC photos is a must.

When you’re looking for a variety photos to use on your website, typing out individual comments (“I love this photo! Do we mind if we use it on our website?”) can take a ton of time.

CrowdRiff simplifies the rights management process in two ways:

  1. It allows you to request permission at scale
  2. It keeps track of who’s given permission to which photos

You can select multiple photos in your collection and send out customized rights requests with just a click — saving you hours of manual searching and typing. And once someone responds with permission, the photo automatically becomes available for you to download.

For the brands that require another layer of protection, our Advanced Rights Management feature lets you link users to an actual terms and conditions document. Watch it in action in our ARM announcement.

4 | Helping you give actionable inspiration with Calls-to-Action

Visual influence is all about inspiring people to action through visuals — and a part of being a visual influencer is enabling both the inspiration and the action.

CrowdRiff’s Call-to-Action (CTA) feature allows you to insert relevant links within photos. So when someone finds a stunning picture of a historic theatre, and suddenly feels inspired to visit, you can make sure there’s a link to that theatre’s website for them to take the next step.



Linking to a partner’s listing on your own site or directly to their website boosts your role as a visual influencer and authority because you can offer all the information people need.

After implementing CTAs to their photos, Hammock Coast was able to drive 20% of their web traffic to their tourism partners. Read the full story here.

And as your follower count and engagement grows, so will your opportunities to share the successes with businesses within or around your destination by helping filter some digital and foot traffic their way. This solidifies your standing as an authority on your brand.

5 | Extending your visual influence to every channel

A lot of brands are already doing great things with visual influence on social media — reposting and curating popular photos to their own feeds — but it doesn’t stop there.


CrowdRiff makes it easy to be a visual influencer across all marketing platforms — your website, your social channels, and in out-of-home advertising too. Being consistent with the story you share will cement your position as the visual influencer of your brand to visitors wherever they go.


Go To Louisville, for example, is a fantastic example of a DMO who’s embraced visual influence on multiple channels. They’ve become the top visual influencer for Louisville, Kentucky.

When you find a photo you like in CrowdRiff, you can put it in a gallery on your website, download it for use (after getting rights) in a visitor’s guide or other print ads, or schedule it straight into Buffer to share on social. Or all three!  

CrowdRiff can help your brand become its primary visual influencer.

Visual influence isn’t just a way to hold sway over your market. It’s the way to share your story, the best parts of your destination, and create a lasting, powerful bond with your audience and visitors.

With CrowdRiff’s robust visual marketing platform, you can rise to the top as the visual influencer of your brand, to reach and inspire more people to visit your unique destination.

We’ve found thousands of photos taken in your destination! Request a demo link to see what CrowdRiff can do for you.

Header image credit: @ribbonaj