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The 8 Worst Twitter Blunders A DMO Can Make

The 8 Worst Twitter Blunders A DMO Can Make

Twitter is an essential platform for DMOs to be on for three big reasons:

  1. You can expand your digital presence,
  2. Engage with your audience, and
  3. Attract new tourists to your destination

Unfortunately, DMOs don’t always take advantage of Twitter’s full marketing potential. A sloppy Twitter presence can leave fans scratching their head as they click Unfollow. Worst of all, it reflects poorly on the brand and the destination itself.

Luckily, you can improve your social media presence by learning from the most common Twitter blunders DMOs make.

These are the top 8 Twitter blunders to avoid if you want to do your brand justice:

(Note: all the tweets we’ve shown here are good examples of how to bounce back!)

1 | Only Tweeting Local Content

Of course, a large chunk of your Twitter content should revolve around local activities and events. But hyper-local tweets shouldn’t be the only thing populating your Twitter page.

In fact, some content might be too close to home to bother sharing at all. While showcasing regional highlights and attractions is a great way to create local interest, your followers don’t need to hear about every little piece of community news.

Since your Twitter audience is full of non-locals, a flood of overly-local Tweets can make them feel alienated from your brand. Instead, mix it up with some general travel content or trending topics:


2 | Sporadic Activity

Customers are more likely to trust DMOs that are consistent, reliable, and available. Irregular tweeting and unpredictable Twitter activity can damage your credibility.

An easy solution? Schedule some of your tweets ahead of time and set recurring calendar reminders to log in and engage with fans manually. This allows you to avoid awkward pauses by spacing posts throughout the day without losing the sense of immediacy that Twitter expects.

Consider when your target audience is most likely active on Twitter – especially if they’re in a different time zone – and schedule your time well to maximize visibility.

3 | Lack of Personality

The only thing worse than not being yourself on social media is not being anyone at all. Rigid, robotic tweets that lack personality are a major Twitter mistake for one obvious reason – they’re boring.

You already know that authenticity is the gold standard for brands online. On Twitter, this means adopting a persona that matches the atmosphere of your destination – whether it’s fun and playful, warm and welcoming, or even a bit eccentric.

Tip: Emojis are your friend!


4 | Irrelevant Content

Another common Twitter blunder you don’t want to make: Tweeting filler content.

The main reason your customers follow you on Twitter is to get to know your destination better. When DMOs share off-topic or low-quality tweets — such as political opinions or purely promotional tweets — they’re guilty of cluttering their followers’ feeds with content they don’t care about.

To keep your followers happy and inspire brand loyalty, reward them with the relevant, high-quality content they want and deserve.

5 | Haphazard #Hashtags

When it comes to Twitter hashtags, it can be easy to get carried away – especially when you’re trying to grow your audience. However, stuffing your tweets with too many hashtags is a quick way to drown out your main message.

So it’s important to develop a hashtag strategy as part of your social media marketing plan. You can “claim” a hashtag by using it consistently and encouraging followers to do the same. Check out Visit Loudoun and Ottawa Tourism below:


Adopt relevant hashtags already being used by visitors and locals, and be consistent!

Bonus Tip: Always do some background research when adopting a new hashtag, since using a phrase associated with another cause can lead to some awkward (or offensive) situations.

6 | Not Enough Visual Content

Creating and curating high-quality images key to catching eyes on Twitter. This Twitter blunder is a huge missed opportunity, since visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media.

After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words, which is pretty good value against Twitter’s 140-character limit! Plus, images, gifs, and video content prevent your Twitter page from becoming a wall of text.

Don’t know what to post? Easy fix is to retweet or share a visitor photo:


7 | Failure to Engage the Community

One of the most serious Twitter offences is ignoring your followers.

Simply having a social media account doesn’t make a DMO social. Twitter is designed for short, frequent interactions, so be sure to re-tweet fan photos, “like” interesting comments, and reply to any tweets that come your way.

Engaging with your Twitter audience reminds fans that you care and strengthens the sense of community associated with your destination. Your followers will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness of any time spent crafting a personal response.

Bonus Tip: When beginning a tweet with a Twitter handle, add a period before the @ symbol – otherwise it will only be visible to the person you’re mentioning.

8 | Not Experimenting with Twitter Moments

Twitter’s newest feature, Moments presents another way for DMOs to use user-generated content to boost brand presence. Creating and sharing a Moment allows you to tell a story using a curated collection of tweets.

Think of Moments like a communal album that salutes an experience your followers might want to revisit. But in this case, the album can include a range of visual content of different types, including images, tweets, gifs, videos, or vines.

Moments are the perfect way to recap a local event, highlight a popular tourist activity, or show off the best content posted by travellers.

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