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How to Navigate the Destination Marketing Tech Stack


Simply put, destination marketing has changed.

Today’s traveler not only has a more connected network of friends to recommend the next best place to visit, but also the entire web at their fingertips. There are hundreds of sites and apps (and not to mention user-generated content on social media) out there that help inspire travelers.

But on the flip side, us marketers have more tools than ever to help us stand out.

In fact from 2015 to 2016, there was an 87% growth in marketing technology.

And there are so many tools out there, that it can be hard trying to identify the ones that are right for your destination marketing strategy.

So to help you sift through all the tech out there, we went ahead and did some research.

From CRMs to DAMs to visual marketing platforms, we make it easy for destination marketers to understand what all these tools are for and which ones they need.

Take this free guide, share it across your team, and keep it handy for whenever you want to evaluate (or just better understand!) your destination marketing tech stack.