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Creative Inspiration: 5 Ideas to Make the Most of Instagram Slideshows

Creative Inspiration 5 Ideas to Make the Most of Instagram Slideshows

You’ve just had a huge street festival in your destination.

Balloons, rainbow-colored booths, and delighted smiles from the event dominate your camera roll. There are so many photos you want to share with your followers: which do you post to Instagram?

With Instagram’s exciting update earlier this year, you no longer have to choose just one. As we’re sure you’ve heard, Instagram now allows you to post up to 10 photos or videos in one single post, in a slideshow format!

With this new feature, the kinds of visual stories you tell curious travelers on Instagram have multiplied (times ten!).

Here are 5 travel-worthy ideas for visual stories you can get started with, to get more travelers excited about your destination.

1 | 24 Hours in Your Destination

Instead of posting a one-off photo from another sunny afternoon, try this: create a slideshow that shows what a whole day in your destination could look like.

Perhaps start with some breakfast photos, a day activity (some sightseeing or hiking?), and some shots of fun nightlife. Let your followers envision what it would be like to spend the day enjoying your destination.

For example, see what Meet South Africa’s done here:


Swipe right to discover what 24 hours in South Africa could be like for you! #wowSouthAfrica

A post shared by South African Tourism (@meetsouthafrica) on


Why it works:

You probably already knew you could take an exciting safari adventure, but did you think of how wonderful spending a beautiful night under the stars in South Africa could be?

The 24h visual story works so well because it allows you to paint a bigger picture of the experience your potential travelers could be having.

From dawn to dusk, use the 24h visual story to show travelers that you can offer them a packed vacation with options worth their while through every moment of their day.

2 | Top Visitor Photos of the Week

DMOs already love sharing and reposting the photos their visitors and locals are sharing on Instagram.

And any marketer knows that once you start browsing through your destination’s UGC, you undoubtedly uncover more photos than you would’ve thought.

After you ask for permission to reshare their photos on your own feed, why not post a slideshow of your favorite Instagrams from that week?

Travelers crave that unfiltered, unbiased view — they want to see what other people are doing. They want a taste of your destination’s culture, and what the people are like. A weekly slideshow of the best user-generated photos can be a great way to give it to them

Capture Minnesota has done just that:


Why it works:

Not only do you highlight the fantastic people that are already excited about your brand, but you incentivize other travelers to share their photos too, for a chance to be in the spotlight. It’s a win-win!

3 | Event Promotion and Immersive Recaps

Events are just naturally lively, fun, and exciting to be a part of. But can one photo really inspire the level of #FOMO (fear of missing out!) you want to instill in those would-be travelers?

With Instagram slideshows, you can get really creative with visual stories around events.

Try choosing images that show the setup, start of the event, highlights, and aftermath. While not everyone can be there in person, many people will happily settle for an in-depth recap.

This is how Visit Rio captures the energy of Carnaval on Instagram:


Why it works:

Sometimes just one photo isn’t enough to recap everything that went on in an amazing event or festival! Take your followers along for the journey they missed — immerse them in festival spirit with multiple photos.

4 | Themed Round-ups

Some people are latte lovers, some people are museum junkies, others are natural adventurers (and most are a mix of all sorts!).

So why not curate a slideshow to appeal to each of these interests.

Pick a theme, like street art, hiking trails, or even latte art and create a round-up slideshow, featuring photos from all over your destination.

For example, Discover Hong Kong takes us on a tour of some unique art installations found throughout the city during #HongKong Arts Month. Bright, vibrant colors greet us in the most unexpected places. This nod to modern art and sculpture serve as the perfect way to delight and would be a perfect scavenger hunt for the creatively inclined.


Why it works:

These kind of themed round-ups captivate the inner hobbyists inside us all, and show all the different ways your destination can satisfy these interests.

5 | Virtual Photo Tour

Travelers love exploring — but they want to know there’s something worth exploring first.

Use Instagram slideshows to create a virtual “photo tour” of your destination. Maybe take your travelers on a tour of Main Street let them envision themselves there and all that there is to see and do.

Or choose a neighborhood, unique park, or popular site, and start snapping up a flurry! Walk through your chosen destination as if you were a tourist, and bring your followers along through Instagram.

Don’t forget, you can put videos into your slideshows too!

Why it works:

A photo tour is great for setting the stage for travelers considering your destination. There’s something magical about strolling through a new city for the first time and taking in new sights. You can give them a small taste of that with your Instagram slideshow, and leave them wanting the real thing!

It’s time to level up your visual storytelling game with Instagram slideshows

With the power now to publish multiple photos and videos into one post, your visual stories just got a whole lot more immersive.

These are just 5 ideas for Instagram slideshows we came up with — but it doesn’t stop there!

Keep thinking outside the box and getting creative with how you build that visual influence with travelers.

Good luck!

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