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Why CrowdRiff is More Than Just a UGC Platform

Authentic visual content is the cornerstone of modern visual marketing and brand storytelling.

And that’s why many brands consider UGC platforms to aggregate social photos and videos about their brand in one place.

But here’s the truth: UGC platforms fall short of the bigger picture of great visual storytelling.

Today’s marketers need a tool that can enable them to manage all their visuals, user-generated and owned, in one place — because sometimes the perfect visual for your latest marketing campaign may be a UGC image or it may be an owned image.  

CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform is the one tool you need to streamline your entire visual marketing workflows, managing all your visual assets — whether they come from social media, stock, or a commissioned photographer — in one single place.

CrowdRiff is a one-stop hub for all your visuals – UGC and owned

When you’re on the quest for the best visual for your latest marketing campaign, it can become a daunting task when you have to search through the thousands of files in:

    1. Your user-generated content library
    1. Numerous hard drives
    1. Cloud storage systems
  1. Stock image sites

And when you’re strapped for time, as marketers often are, you’re likely going to compromise and choose only one of these sources to browse.

ugc platform

CrowdRiff, however, brings all of your visual assets together, in one visual marketing platform.

That means finding the best visual for your latest social post, your new website refresh, or blog post is as simple as typing in one search, and surfacing all of the relevant photos in your collection.

CrowdRiff sources your brand’s UGC from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in real-time, so your library of visuals is always growing. Not only that but migrating owned visuals into CrowdRiff is a seamless process, with a huge added benefit.

With the latest artificial intelligence technology, CrowdRiff crawls through every photo or video that you upload to auto-tag it with relevant keywords, for easy searchability.

Whether you want to discover new visuals or uncover images that were once buried or forgotten, one simple search brings up the exact photo you need in seconds.

Bottom line: When you graduate from a basic UGC platform, it’s no longer just about finding the best user-generated visuals – it’s about finding the best visuals in your library, period.

The best place to save and organize visuals into marketing-ready albums

UGC visuals tend to come in like a storm – every day, there are hundreds of new photos and videos from travelers and locals.

There’s often more content than you might expect, which means keeping on top of all this can be impossible. UGC platforms are helpful for sourcing images in the moment — but CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform takes content discovery and organization one step further.

CrowdRiff allows you to create dynamic albums organize and save any visual asset you come across. You might create albums for family-oriented visuals, for seasonal photography, or content from influencers. The best part is that these folders can store both user-generated photos and videos as well as your owned assets — so that everything is in one place.

Plus, any album you create is easily shareable because CrowdRiff automatically generates a handy share link — perfect for when you’re sending content to media or agency partners.

Times you’ll be glad you chose CrowdRiff over a UGC-only platform:

1 | When you’re running a visually-driven influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is a fun way to engage with your followers, reach a larger audience, and breathe new life into your brand. That said, influencer marketing campaigns often involve a ton of visual content that you need to keep secure and organized.

A visual marketing platform makes this a breeze.

Destination BC, for example, holds regular Instagram takeovers (called #guestagrammers), during which local influencers will send them the photos to share with their followers.

Like many of our customers, Destination BC manages these campaigns with the help of CrowdRiff. All of the content they get from influencers are uploaded into CrowdRiff and put into a “Guestagrammer” album based on location. This streamlined and intuitive storage system means that any team member who’s looking for an influencer photo knows exactly where it’ll be.

2 | When you’re hosting a photo contest

If you’ve ever organized a social media contest, you’ll know that things can go from zero to hectic real fast. The more successful your contest, the more likely it is that you’ll get a sudden influx of more UGC images than you know what to do with.

Fortunately, CrowdRiff is extremely helpful when it comes to organizing the many photo submissions you receive. Not only can you search your contest hashtag to isolate all the submissions to review during the contest, but you can save them into their own album for easy access.

What’s more, you can narrow your search based on the time frame of your contest — meaning you don’t have to manually sift and omit the late submissions yourself.

3 | When you’re prepping for an annual event or campaign

There’s nothing worse than knowing the perfect image for your campaign exists somewhere and not being able to locate it.

Let’s say your DMO wants to promote its annual holiday season market to travelers who might be visiting in December. Well, you know that the event photos from Instagram last year were incredible.

With CrowdRiff  you can track down these elusive images in a matter of seconds and create an album to store them in. That way, when the same event rolls around next year, you already know where the right images to promote it are waiting.

As Julia Hill, the Content Specialist at Visit Phoenix, says:

“With event images, we don’t have an exceptional catalogue. I’ll lean on social content when I’m promoting special events. So CrowdRiff helped us have almost an infinite number of usable authentic event photos and this really freshened up [the Events] page. We would never have been able to have this type of variety otherwise.”

4 | When you’re searching for b-roll with a very specific theme

Here’s another big way CrowdRiff differs from a UGC platform. Since you can also upload and auto-tag video content, you can use it to quickly find specific clips from a massive amount of video footage.

Let’s say you want to create a short Instagram video to promote pet-friendly travel out of the existing footage from your extensive library of b-roll. No big deal, right?

Here’s the catch — your heart is set on finding a video of a dog in motion: specifically running.

ugc platform crowdriff visual marketing platform dog

Even if you have a range of videos featuring animals and other events you’ve sponsored in the past, where do you even start your search? There might be multiple videos in your library that have a few seconds of a running pooch, but you’re not going to remember where to find these clips off the top of your head.

Thankfully, with CrowdRiff, you don’t have to remember. You can simply search for keywords and then view all of the content that matches at once.

Not only is the platform an efficient way to search for visual content of any kind, but your marketing campaigns will be picture perfect every time.

Why choose CrowdRiff?

UGC platforms are helpful in only one part of the visual marketing journey — letting marketers find and use user-generated content.

CrowdRiff is the leading visual marketing platform that brands use to source, organize, publish and optimize both owned and user-generated visuals, to streamline their supercharge the entire visual marketing workflow.

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