SEE2023 Code of Conduct

SEE2023 aims to create an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment for all participants, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or any other characteristic. This code of conduct outlines the expected behavior for all attendees, including speakers, sponsors, and organizers, to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

All events connected to SEE2023, including receptions, offsite activities and traveling to and from are included in the code of conduct.

  1. Respect and Inclusion: a. Treat all participants with respect and consideration, valuing diverse opinions and experiences. b. Be mindful of your language and behavior, refraining from using derogatory, offensive, or discriminatory remarks or gestures.
  2. Harassment: a. Harassment, in any form, will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome comments, intimidation, stalking, physical contact without consent, or unwanted sexual advances. b. Be aware of the impact your words or actions may have on others and take immediate steps to correct any inappropriate behavior.
  3. Professional Environment: a. Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor during all conference activities, including presentations, discussions, and social events. b. Refrain from disruptive behavior that hinders the learning experience or participation of others. c. Use conference facilities and resources responsibly and in compliance with the venue’s policies.
  4. Reporting Incidents: a. If you witness or experience any form of harassment or violation of this code of conduct, promptly report it to the conference organizers or staff. b. All reports will be treated confidentially and thoroughly investigated. c. Appropriate actions will be taken, which may include warning, expulsion from the conference without refund, or reporting the incident to local authorities.
  5. Social Media and Communication: a. Use social media platforms responsibly, respecting the privacy and consent of others when sharing images, videos, or information. b. Exercise caution when discussing sensitive topics, ensuring that your comments do not violate the code of conduct or contribute to an unsafe environment. c. The opinions expressed by individuals during the conference do not necessarily reflect the views of the organizers or sponsors.
  6. Enforcement: a. The conference organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action to address any violation of this code of conduct, including expulsion from the conference without refund. b. By attending the conference, all participants are expected to comply with this code of conduct and cooperate with the organizers and staff to ensure its implementation.

Remember, the goal of SEE is to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, learning, and collaboration amongst destination marketers. Let us work together to create an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all participants.