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Day 1

Welcome, CrowdRiff Keynote & Panel

Dan Holowack

Building Your Short-Form Video Strategy

Mary Nice

Session Homework

The Paradox of AI: Harnessing its Potential while Mitigating Risks in the Digital Marketing Landscape

Britney Muller

Session Homework

Authentic Storytelling: Black Travel in Virginia

Liza Mickens

Taylor Paul

Session Homework

ABC’s of Data Literacy

Kristin Thompson

Session Homework

Work Smart Not Hard: A Guide to Content Gathering and Strategizing

Nate Riggs

Ashley Pettay

Session Homework

Short-Form Video Showdown

Day 2

The Destination Makers Panel

Moderator: Wendy Olson Killion

Cody Chomiak

Zane Buchanan

Kathryn Shea Duncan

Session Homework

Travel Content Across Google

Farah Shirzadi

Session Homework

How Banff & Lake Louise Tourism Developed the World’s Most Innovative User Generated Trip Planner

Jeremy Roche

Samantha Reid

Session Homework

How CrowdRiff Can Support Your DEI Initiatives With Inclusive Imagery

Auston Matta

Session Homework

GA4 for DMOs: Google Analytics 4 Basics

Dana Wacker

Session Homework

Maximize UGC to Appeal to the Sustainable and Wellness Traveler

Savannah Garza

Session Homework

The Anti-Performative Approach to Social Media

Andy Kutcher

Session Homework

Changing Traveler Behavior for Good

Milena S. Nikolova

Session Homework

Final Keynote: We Remain

Sarah Ortegon Highwalking