Pack your bags and meet us in downtown Austin, Texas for SEE2024! From the rooftop of the Fairmont, to the streets of Rainey, we’ve built an agenda that will inspire, connect, and motivate.

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  • Early afternoon

    Coming soon! 🦅

    An exciting optional activity that will get you out into nature to explore Austin like a local.


    Happy Hour

    Join us for a welcome happy hour at Rules & Regs, the Fairmont Austin’s rooftop bar! Drop in for a drink and a snack before heading out for an evening on your own.

    Sponsored by DANG Creative

    6:30pm – Onwards

    Enjoy the Night!

    The night is yours to connect with SEE attendees, speakers and organizers! Head out to nearby neighborhoods and enjoy all that Austin has to offer, or rest up after your travels in the comfort of the Fairmont Austin.

  • 8:00am-9:00am



    Welcome & Opening Remarks


    CrowdRiff Keynote

    Catch up on everything CrowdRiff! We’ve had a jam packed year, and it’s time to share what we’ve been up to.

    Dan Holowack


    Music & Tourism Panel

    How can vibrant music scenes boost local tourism and create unforgettable experiences? Join industry experts as they discuss insights, success stories, and practical tips on leveraging music to attract visitors and enrich your city.

    Omar Lozano – Visit Austin
    Natalie Wakabayashi – Tourism London


    Morning Break


    From the Main Street to the Metaverse: Crafting Immersive Travel Experiences for Next-Gen Nomads

    Let’s go on a journey from the Main Street to the Metaverse with Karan Dang, the CEO of DANG and former creative leader at Disney and Walmart. In this session, Karan will unveil how the travel industry can captivate the next generation of explorers by blending physical and digital realms.

    Discover how iconic destinations can be reimagined for the digital age, from the immersive wonders of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to the virtual landscapes of Walmart’s foray into the metaverse. Karan will share exclusive insights on crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with Gen Z and Gen Alpha travelers, using DANG’s proprietary Next-Gen Centricity™ methodology.

    Karan Dang




    Destination Makers’ Labs

    A fresh take on the breakout session! In the Makers’ Labs, attendees will follow a learning journey custom designed for SEE:
    → Seek: an expert-led overview of the topic
    → Explore: a relevant case study from a DMO
    → Experience: guided round table discussion

    Beyond Green: Empowering Destinations to Holistically Infuse Sustainability

    Speakers: Carrie Hodgen & Whitney Smith – Tourism Cares

    Case Study – Sustain the Flow: Reuse at the River with Sarah Smith – Visit San Marcos

    The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Content Curation

    Speakers: Emily Tepper – Visit Galena & Rose Noble – Visit Spokane

    Case Study: Coming Soon!

    Building Strong Community: Overcoming Challenges and Creating Thoughtful Strategies

    Speaker: Maria Skrzynski – Destination Ann Arbor

    Case Study: How Visit Austin Builds Collaborative Marketing Partnerships with Jenna Livingston & Lauren Brown – Visit Austin


    Afternoon Break


    DMO Roundtables

    This is your time: DMOs are matched into groups to discuss today’s travel landscape, including one-person marketing teams, early career attendees, and growing your skills. We’ll be on hand to moderate, but we’ll see where the conversation takes us!


    Creator Panel

    We know DMOs have Creators on the brain (90% of customers we surveyed in our 2024 Trends Report believe creator marketing will be big in the year ahead). We’ll hear from the creators themselves and the DMOs that they work with about process, learnings and insider advice!

    Florence Maillot – CrowdRiff Creator
    Ian Suarez – Visit Orlando
    Moderator – Mike Stevens, CrowdRiff


    Closing Remarks


    Banger’s Day 1 Celebration 🎉

    Just around the corner from the Fairmont is Austin’s historic Rainey Street! Join us for a night out at Banger’s with live local music, hundreds of drinks on tap, and the best BBQ in the neighborhood.

  • 8:00am-9:00am



    A quick welcome back!


    Travel Content Across Google

    Pull out your notebooks and start building your strategy for 2025! Google’s Farah Shirzadi will share new user experiences with AI, the importance of high-quality content powering features across Google, and the tips you need to support local businesses in your destination.

    Farah Shirzadi



    In this keynote, the TikTok team will share insights straight from the source on how the entertainment platform is driving action in the travel space. TikTok will be onsite throughout the event to give us a deep dive on how DMOs can build their own activation playbook!


    Coming soon!


    Morning Break


    Destination Makers’ Labs

    A fresh take on the breakout session! In the Makers’ Labs, attendees will follow a learning journey custom designed for SEE:
    → Seek: an expert-led overview of the topic
    → Explore: a relevant case study from a DMO
    → Experience: guided round table discussion

    The Triple A Method of building sustainability and intersectionality in your business or projects.

    Speaker: Assetou Coulibaly – Accent Inns & Hotel Zed & Roar & CHIWARA CO

    Case Study: Coming Soon!

    DMOs Becoming Media Powerhouses

    Speaker: Brianna McEnroe – Discover Long Island

    Case Study: Flip your visitor guide on its head (and use Crowdriff to do it!) with Jen Kuhn Karanja & Ashley Pettay – Discover Madison




    Call An Expert

    We’ve wrangled the best of the best: hop between tables staffed by experts across our industry. Talk short-form video strategy, UGC, accessibility, and more in this Call An Expert session. Experts include those from:

    • CrowdRiff
    • TikTok
    • Simpleview
    • Destinations International


    Organic Lightning Rounds #1: Maximizing SEO Strategies for Destination Visibility

    Jenna Livingston – Visit Austin


    Organic Lightning Rounds #2: Maximizing Impact: OHTO’s Strategic Use of UGC, Crowdriff, and Short Videos in Destination Marketing

    Luisa Sorrentino – Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization
    Finn Hogue – Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization


    How Birding Brought Accessibility to Austin

    Virginia Rose – Birdability


    Contemporizing Culture: Navigating Traditional Storytelling Through Modern Media

    In this keynote session, Zane Buchanan will explore the transformative power of digital platforms in the preservation and dissemination of Indigenous cultures, offering a global platform to amplify Indigenous voices. Together, we will investigate pioneering initiatives that seamlessly intertwine ancient wisdom with modern storytelling techniques.

    Zane Buchanan – Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada


    Closing remarks


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Hi [NAME], I’m writing to request approval to attend SEE2024 - CrowdRiff’s annual travel and tourism marketing conference taking place October 28-30 2024 in Austin, Texas. It looks like SEE is going to be another great event this year and attending would be a tremendous opportunity for me professionally, and for our company and team as a result. In addition to the knowledge gained from industry keynotes and sessions, I'll get hands-on opportunities to learn from CrowdRiff experts and connect with people who are driving the future of travel and tourism marketing. Plus, I'll network directly with industry leaders and have access to all the recorded sessions afterward to share with you and the rest of our team. I’ll leave SEE2024 equipped with an action plan to apply my learnings to our upcoming projects, and the tools and insights to help benefit the team as a whole. Overall I estimate my attendance will cost approximately ($ HERE), which includes travel, accommodations, and registration. They even have a Buy 2 get 1 free deal if more folks on the team wanted to join. You can check out more on the conference website, but I can't think of any training that's as good of a deal as this one. It offers tons of ongoing value and ROI for the price so I’d love to secure my ticket - please let me know as soon as you can! Thanks, [YOUR NAME]