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Williamson County Uses Contextual Headers to Boost Regional Tourism

It’s always exciting to create new features and add functionality to our products, but it’s even more satisfying to see what people do with them once they’ve been launched.  Clients are constantly finding new ways to put our features to work, and when they use them in tandem with the other tools in their belts, great things happen, as illustrated by our friends at Williamson County CVB.  Using Facebook location data, existing tourism videos and our new contextual header, the Williamson County team was not only able to further personalize its user experience, but also promote three of its tourism initiatives simultaneously:

1. Short-haul trips from its key markets: Atlanta, Birmingham and Chicago

2. Franklin 150, the Battle of Franklin sesquicentennial

3. #FranklinTN, its social photo hub

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New Feature: Facebook Photos!

When it comes to UGC photo platforms, many see Facebook as something of a locked door, both because of the privacy of the content and the difficulty of collecting it.  Photos posted on people’s walls are private, so what can you do?  You can collect photos from Pages, that’s what!  We’re now pulling in photos from Facebook Pages, which lets Lens clients create better continuity between social properties. Read more


New Feature! Embeddable Photo Galleries

It’s hard to swing an iPad in a boardroom and not hit somebody talking about “making content more visual”. At this point, we all know that photos drive engagement, and that social media is an abundant supply of great content. With a never-ending flow of photos and a mandate to push real-time content, embeddable galleries have become a de facto necessity. Unfortunately, many of the solutions being offered are clunky and incongruous, hurting user experience and negating the performance advantage of social photos. We’re users too, and with an opportunity to make the Web a prettier place, we built our own embeddable photo galleries.

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How to Boost Social Participation by 4.6x with On-site Activation

A Lesson in social anthropology from #FNLROM

Social media may make it easy to spread the word, but much like peanut butter, spread too thin it may not satisfy your hungry audience. These days, cooking up a batch of great photos and expecting people to line up at your window sill just isn’t enough, no matter how scrumptious your content. Seeing social content as a lattice-crust pie on a checkerboard tablecloth may have a heartening nostalgia, but if you want to move product, it should be more like hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party: fully prepared, well-presented and never out of arm’s reach. Read more

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Lights, Camera, Engagement! CrowdRiff Adds Video Support

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a video is a series of pictures, does the addition of video support mean Lens is worth as much as War and Peace*?  Perhaps not, but we’re pretty excited about it.  Bringing in video posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Lens is now home to more moving pictures than an art gallery in an earthquake.  It’s a simple feature, but it adds a new dimension to Lens. Read more


Party Animals: Maroon 5 Uses Halloween Photo Contest to Promote Single

It’s fitting that Maroon 5’s latest single is called “Animals”, because the band’s a beast on social media. Simply by indulging fans’ excitement for Halloween, Maroon 5 fed its user database so many sweet photos it gave its conversion rate a sugar high. Halloween is often marked by horror and dread, but the scariest part of Maroon 5’s fright night campaign was how easy it was to run. Read more

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CrowdRiff Hits the Big Screen at Cassandra Summit 2014

[Originally posted on Planet Cassandra]

We may not have been able to meet Long Jedi Silver, or slice ourselves a piece of Southern California’s largest Raspberry Pi, but when Billy Bosworth and Co. took the stage for their keynote speeches at Cassandra Summit 2014, we were right beside them.  Okay, we weren’t there in person, but we built the real-time social slideshow that was running on the screens at the sides of the stage.  We took in the opening ceremonies from our Toronto headquarters, downing enough burgers and poutine to earn a stern talking-to from our respective physicians, but being a part of the proceedings made us feel so close to the conference Orbeus could’ve analyzed our faces.

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Social Experience ‘Lens’ Makes Its U.S. Tourism Debut With #VisitFranklin

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the Williamson County Convention & Visitors Bureau (WCCVB) is leading the pack with its latest social endeavor, a product called Lens by Toronto based company, CrowdRiff. The WCCVB is the first Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) in the United States to deploy this interactive, aggregated social experience for its visitors and community fans.

Branded in the social media realm as Visit Franklin, the WCCVB recognized an opportunity to take social engagement to the next level with Lens. Working closely with Dan Holowack, Founder & CEO of CrowdRiff, the WCCVB took the leap forward, bringing its social presence together in one location offering visually rich, user-generated content that’s aggregated across powerhouse platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Causeplay: How Sennheiser Turned Fan Expo Fun into 5.6M Impressions

For four days in late August, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre looked like Brian Posehn’s fantasy mixer, as Wookiees and undead pop stars from all around gathered for Fan Expo 2014.  As much as fan conventions mean to steampunks, Bruce Campbell fans and Burt Ward, they get brands just as excited.  With massive concentrations of consumers from the lucrative hobby market all in one place, fan conventions give brands a unique opportunity to demo products and increase brand presence in a key demo.  Moving product is definitely a priority, but smart brands are also using the face time to foster long-term relationships with their consumers.

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