Coming Soon: the CrowdRiff Share Portal

Media request: Hi Destination, I’m writing a story about you! I’d love some photos of the following: a family enjoying a sunset at the harbor, the skyline as seen from Chinatown, and also any pictures of golden retriever puppies you might have.

Destination: (Oh boy) I know I have those somewhere…

Our customers are always getting requests from the media, as well as other organizations, for their great photos.

But sometimes finding each photo (Which folder did I put it in? Is it on a USB somewhere? Or was that a social photo?), attaching them one-by-one in emails, and outlining their specific terms of use can feel like a full-time job.

That’s why we’re building the new CrowdRiff to tackle those challenges.

Introducing the CrowdRiff Share Portal

The Share Portal allows you to easily share any visual asset securely, and satisfy any photo request instantly.


Find the right photo in a matter of seconds. Because we’ve partnered with Google Vision, every photo you upload to the platform is automatically tagged with relevant keywords. Combine that with CrowdRiff’s powerful search function, and you can easily find any photo (social or owned) you need to satisfy your requests as quickly as they appear. 

(Destination: Got’em!😎)

No more manually attaching individual photo files to emails. After you’ve found the perfect photos or videos, all you have to do is select them and choose share. In a blink, you have a custom portal for those specific photos, as well as a private link to send.

Add or switch out shared content any time you want. Decided afterward, there’s another photo you want to share? Not a problem. Add it straight through CrowdRiff and it’ll automatically be shared along with the rest of your content.

Easily communicate terms and conditions. When your recipient clicks the link, before they access your photos, you can provide guidelines for using your content, to ensure your assets are being properly used.

Share both owned visuals and social photos. From the photos you own to the photos and videos your fans post, this is the only portal that lets you share them all with a third-party. From the batch you send, your recipient can pick and choose the visuals they want to use.

Share Portal Use Cases

  • Press releases. A specialized alternative for Dropbox or Google Drive. Include the share link at the end of your press release.
  • Satisfying photo requests smoothly and securely from partners, operators, and all forms of media.
  • Freelancers and agency partners. Need to send a few photos to an off-site freelancer? Or to partners that don’t have access to all your photos? The CrowdRiff Share Portal is your answer.
  • Anytime you want to give access to a number your photos to any third-party.

Can you think of any more? Tweet us @CrowdRiff.

Stay in the loop

The new CrowdRiff is being built to tackle the challenges you face daily, so that you can continue growing your brand and visual influence better.  

It’s an exciting time here at CrowdRiff, as we undergo our redesign. Stay in the loop, and get an email each time we have a new product update to share.

CrowdRiff’s New Integration with Libris

At CrowdRiff, our mission is to help our customers use visuals to build influence with their audiences and communities.

One way we do this is by finding the best user-generated visuals from around the social web, and bringing them to life on our customers’ websites, digital ads, and social marketing.

Adapting to the way our customers work

After working with hundreds of brands, we recognized that some of our customers housed their owned photos in Digital Asset Management systems, or DAMs. They loved the functionality of a DAM, but wanted to incorporate more authentic photos into their photo library.

Which brings us to our exciting announcement today:

CrowdRiff now integrates with Libris to bring UGC photos into their DAM

With CrowdRiff and Libris, brands can streamline how they source, store, organize, distribute, acquire and manage rights to visual content.

This partnership empowers shared clients to:

  • Source and acquire rights to user-generated visuals (UGC) by multiple attributes
  • Store, track rights to and manage all visual assets, both UGC and content produced by in-house and freelance creators, in one secure location
  • Provide broader, controlled access to high-res UGC for stakeholders to use beyond website and social

Marketers can use CrowdRiff to source and acquire rights to UGC photos, and push these visuals to Libris with a single click. 

Stay tuned

In the coming weeks we’ll share more about how DMOs are using CrowdRiff and Libris together to put visuals at the heart of their marketing.

To learn more or to see the integration in action, get in touch!

Announcing CrowdRiff’s New Visual Marketing Platform

Today, people are taking inspiration and action from the visuals they see.

We’re making all sorts of decisions from where we go for lunch that day all the way to where we choose to travel, based on visuals all the time.

Knowing this, brands need to rethink the way they’re connecting with their audiences — to center their marketing around visual content. Brands need to embrace visual influence.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands to learn what it takes to become visual influencers. And we’ve taken what we’ve learned, and completely redesigned our visual marketing platform to serve the goal of visual influence.

We’re so excited to tell you about the new CrowdRiff that’s in the works.

It’s the same visual marketing platform you know and love, re-engineered to put visual influence at the center.

Our goal, as always, is to help brands connect with their audiences even better than before, through the power of visuals. We’re making it even easier for you to show consumers what matters.


Transforming the way you do marketing

We’ve listened to what marketers have been saying about how they use visuals, and where they struggle. The new CrowdRiff platform makes it easier to put visuals at the center of any marketing initiative.

A new home for any and every visual asset

Most marketers work with more than user-generated content, so your visual marketing platform should too. CrowdRiff doesn’t just source and manage UGC — it’s for all your brand’s visual content.

CrowdRiff is an all-in-one visual marketing platform. We’re making it possible for brand marketers to house and manage all visual assets — from photos to videos, earned and owned —  in one robust system. No more photos lost in individual folders or hard drives.

A seamless, intuitive workflow

The new CrowdRiff is designed to center your workflow around your visuals, in 4 main stages.


CrowdRiff combines the photos people are sharing about you online (earned content) with the visual assets you’ve commissioned or purchased (owned content) to give you an enormous collection of visual assets, one that keeps on growing.


With folders, keywords, and powerful universal search features, you can easily organize all your visual assets in a system that makes sense for you. And with our Google Vision integration, all photos you upload are auto-tagged with relevant keywords — allowing you to find any visual easily, eliminating manual effort.


Any photo that lives in CrowdRiff can be published to a visual influence app, or multiple apps,  depending on what you want to do with it. That might be the Galleries App, for publishing dynamic visual content to a web page, or the Rights Management App, so you can request, receive and track rights to the UGC visuals you love.


CrowdRiff helps you learn about the photos that deliver the optimal results, whether those visuals are used in your email marketing, website, or on social media.

It’s an intuitive workflow that starts with visuals and ends with visual influence.

Introducing a new app ecosystem

We’re introducing an entirely new app ecosystem to CrowdRiff. This enables us to more easily add new features to the platform as well as open up the platform to partners that are creating more exciting ways to leverage visuals.

This new ecosystem will allow CrowdRiff customers to do even more with their visual content, and tap into the innovations of our industry partners.

Be a part of our journey

As we prepare to launch the new CrowdRiff platform, we’re selecting a handful of existing CrowdRiff power-users to have the first, exclusive access to the platform.

We pride ourselves on having a direct line of communication with our customers, and I’m excited to personally work closely with our Early Access Program members to share what we have built and incorporate their feedback.  

We’re going to be rolling out new features continuously, and will share regular updates in blog posts like this one. Join our product update mailing list, and be the first to know about our newest releases and advancements in the new CrowdRiff.

Simplify Social with CrowdRiff’s New Buffer Integration

What happens when your favorite visual influence platform (that’s us!) joins forces with your go-to social media automation tool?

Sharing beautiful user-generated photos becomes as easy as a click of a button.

Today, we’re excited to introduce CrowdRiff’s new integration with Buffer!

Sharing UGC photos has never been easier


You can now send photos you find with CrowdRiff directly into Buffer.

When you log into CrowdRiff you’ll see a shiny new “Send to Buffer” option.

All you have to do is select the photo you want to share, and click the button.




Give automatic photocreds with every photo

We’ve made giving full credit simple.

Every photo you send from CrowdRiff will contain the user’s original caption, and the link to the original photo.


Schedule your photos and other updates all in one place

Thanks to Buffer’s Power Scheduler, you can choose when to post your photos in the same place you schedule all your other social updates.


This CrowdRiff-Buffer integration means you get a better way to share the beautiful user-generated photos you found through CrowdRiff with the rest of your followers.

Try it today, and we’re sure you’ll love it.


(And if you don’t have CrowdRiff yet, book a free preview right away!)

Any other integrations or updates you’d like to see? Tweet us your suggestions @CrowdRiff