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7 Ideas to Get Your Visitors To Share More Photos

When you are the marketing manager of a destination or an attraction, you would want your visitors to take and share more great photos, right? We’re all looking to get more photos from our visitors that tells a great story. Here are 7 ideas to help you do just that.

1. Post on Your Own Social Channels Regularly

visit franklin instagram account


Posting one to three times a day on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Franklin, TN shows it’s residents exactly how to post about the city on social media.

Be a model citizen, at least when it comes to being a DMO on social media. Show others what to model their social posts after.

Post at least once every day if possible. If that’s difficult, post at least 2-3 times per week. Make sure you use your official hashtag on your own posts so that others know they should model this and use your hashtag on their own posts.

Once you start posting the “ideal” photos on social media, others will follow. You have a lot of influence as the official brand of your destination or attraction, so don’t be afraid to use it.

2. Always Use Your Hashtag When Commenting

@visitdetroit: Welcome to Corktown. Tag your #Corktown images with#DepictTheD, and you may see them on visitdetroit.com/neighborhoods.#Photooftheday by @thecultureur.

Engage with people who are posting images in your city or town by posting comments on their photos to encourage them to use the official hashtag of your destination or attraction. This will train them to start using your hashtag and, as a result, more photos will start to appear in your collections. You can do this one by one on your own or if you are using a tool like CrowdRiff, you can do it in just one step by placing your #officialhashtag in your comments.

3. Ask Influencers For A Boost

@_ryandickie Gorgeous shot, as usual! Could we re-post on our channels? Just reply with #YesBC to give us permission (full terms at link in bio).

Thanks again @hellobc ! You are always welcome to share ! #YesBC

Just like when you post on your own social channels you are setting an example for others to copy, influencers can do this at a much larger scale. You should be asking influencers to reinforce the ideal way you want people to post photos about your brand because when someone with a huge following uses a certain caption and hashtag on their photos, their followers naturally start to copy them.

To do this, first you have to sort the influencers out from everyone else and CrowdRiff makes this easy for you with our Sort function, allowing you to sort by Likes and Comments. Once you have found the most popular people, post a comment on their photo asking them to use your official hashtag to be featured on your website’s social gallery.

Once the influencers start to use your hashtag, others will start to catch on and use it as well.

4. Reward People For Using Your Official Hashtag

The Mighty Crestones #rei1440project #coloradolife #colorado #coloradolive #northface #mountains #crestones

A photo posted by Jeremy Kreis (@bob_the_moo_cow) on

@visitcolorado: Love this shot! We’ve featured your photo in our #ColoradoLive experience. Follow the link in our bio to check it out!

@bob_the_moo_cow: @visitcolorado thanks!

Remember to reward people for using your official hashtag with a like, a comment or by featuring them on your site. This gives you the opportunity to show them some love for doing what you asked them to do, and who doesn’t want some love?

The more they feel rewarded, the more likely they are to continue using your hashtag. It is also a great way to build a relationship with your community online.

5. Ask Local Businesses to Promote You

#tellmeaboutitgirl! CARD OF THE TWEET! from @nearmoderndisaster!

A photo posted by Juxtapose Cards & Gifts (@juxtaposeannex) on

A local Toronto shop promotes itself and its neighborhood, The Annex.

Approach local businesses and ask them to promote your hashtag. They will be more than willing to help you when you tell them what’s in it for them. Explain to them that if they and their customers use the official hashtag, it helps you find the photos and promote them on your official website as well as through your social channels.

This helps the businesses directly by raising their profile and indirectly as the city’s reputation is strengthened, it becomes a better-known tourist destination and attracts more visitors.

6. Target Residents Just as Much as Visitors

pdxnow food



Letting locals be the tastemakers and giving visitors a taste of seeing Portland like a local.

The residents of your town know it the best, better than any visitor ever could. They are the ones who will be posting the most interesting photos and sharing unique local treasures. Comment on their posts asking them to use the official hashtag and let them know they have the chance to be featured on your website gallery.

This is a great incentive for locals and it builds community and pride for their hometown!

7. Feature Local Events

cobb county owloween halloween fest


Cobb County’s Owl-O-Ween costume showdown celebrates Atlanta’s largest Octoberfest celebration and costume party. 

Every town has a few key events and festivals during the year and as the DMO, you should get involved with the event on social media for a couple of reasons. These events usually generate a lot of photos and by being involved with the event, you can capture a large pool of content for your destination or attraction. It also shows the town and the event organizers that they are supported by the DMO and make your community relationships stronger.

A great way to do this is to create a unique hashtag for the event and to track it within your collection in CrowdRiff. Incentivize people to use the hashtag by telling them their photos will be shared on your official website and encourage people to create even more content for your destination or attraction.

In Your Opinion

In your opinion, which of these ideas is the easiest for a destination or attraction to implement? Join the conversation on Twitter!