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How Wonderful Copenhagen Uses CrowdRiff's Media Hub to Support Its Partners

How do you represent your tourism partners in the best possible way while staying true to your destination brand?

For Sanne Olsen, Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications, Wonderful Copenhagen, the challenge has come up more often in recent months. “There’s a bigger need now to represent our partners and showcase them in our marketing.”

She’s not alone. Since COVID-19, destination marketers everywhere have been focused on supporting their partners and marketing to locals and travelers closer to home. 

Pivoting to domestic tourism and drive markets

Sanne says their key markets are now those from countries like Sweden, Germany, the UK, and others that don’t require people to get on a plane to visit. 

Beyond the drive and train markets, they have been running a few local campaigns. The purpose of these is to encourage residents to go to a hotel for a weekend, use the city’s restaurants, and shop locally. 

“We’re reminding Copenhagen and the surrounding community to use the city so that it will still be the same one we remember when we come back to some kind of normal.”

CrowdRiff’s role in the content ecosystem 

Wonderful Copenhagen signed on with CrowdRiff just before the pandemic as a way to show off the city more authentically. But beyond that, the team saw CrowdRiff as a valuable part of their marketing ecosystem where all their channels could work in harmony, connecting at times when it made sense. 

They use CrowdRiff to:

  • Share content with their partners via Media Hub. This includes both branded content and UGC they secure through CrowdRiff’s Advanced Rights Management.
  • Repost hashtag-rights approved UGC on social media to showcase Copenhagen to locals, domestic tourists, and travelers from neighboring countries.
  • Power Galleries on their website that display things to do around the city and help visitors and locals plan their trips.

Sanne says Media Hub has been essential in helping Wonderful Copenhagen promote its partners: everyone from hotels to transportation partners and others in their network. 

“It’s our backbone to host material we’ve been producing and share with third parties. But also, in general, to send files back and forth to each other internally.”

Sanne also uses Media Hub to pitch stories to international media despite the situation “so that Copenhagen is still on people’s lips.”  

Empowering partners with authentic visual content

Sanne says sharing visual content has always been a part of Wonderful Copenhagen’s marketing approach.

“We need a Media Hub. It’s a part of our DNA to provide people with content because we’re the only ones who can portray Copenhagen for them—especially in this situation because many people cannot come here, so we need to represent it for them.”

Before CrowdRiff they relied on another content management system, but it didn’t have the UGC sourcing and rights functionality they needed. Sanne had to manually reach out to users for permission to use their photos. 

“We really enjoy the ability to reach out to users to repost content, but also the rights to put it in our Media Hub for others to use. We do have some internal content producers, but having people from all over the world contributing content makes the [CrowdRiff] library and Media Hub even more interesting and diverse.”

Pinning down success in 2021

To Sanne, success in this new world means using Media Hub to empower their partners to tell Copenhagen’s story for them. 

“It’s a great success when we manage to put in a lot of fresh content in Media Hub with the correct tags, so people can find it and use it actively in their communication, marketing, and branding of Copenhagen.”

Social engagement is another success factor. She says CrowdRiff makes it easy to find highly engaging photos, get the right permissions, store them, and share them on social media. 

CrowdRiff’s rights functionality has also reduced the time she has to manually find and use visual content overall. “Everything is super easy.”

The platform’s user experience is one of the things she loves most. “It’s so easy and intuitive to reach out to people for user-generated content and share it in the Media Hub.” 

She also says her experience with the CrowdRiff team at all levels has been great. “You feel supported in a way that’s really nice.”

Header image credit: @avaluria

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