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Use Your Visuals Anywhere on the Web with CrowdRiff Sidekick

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On any given day, your destination marketing team is using visuals all over the web.

Your social media manager might be sharing a great UGC photo on Facebook for this month’s Breakfast Wars campaign while your content manager is uploading a blog header for a new post about the best taco trucks in town.

And maybe your PR Director just got an email from a journalist asking for a photo of a herd of elk standing in front of a historic hotel.
(That really happened, just ask our friends at Colorado Tourism Office!)

Whether it’s email, social, a blog post or a web ad, you need your visuals with you wherever you work.

That’s where our new Chrome extension comes in.

CrowdRiff Sidekick lets you drag and drop images or videos from your CrowdRiff library anywhere on the web.

Here are just a few ways CrowdRiff Sidekick makes your life easier.

Seamlessly add visuals to your social media posts

Use CrowdRiff Sidekick on Facebook, whether you’re crafting a post of the best bakeries in town or creating ads to reach prospective travelers.




Schedule images to post later

If you use tools like Later or Buffer to schedule your social media posts, CrowdRiff Sidekick makes it easy to find and insert the perfect images or videos.




Share inline images in email

Let’s say your PR manager wants to pitch some photos to a journalist for an upcoming story on the Fall Theater Festival. They can use CrowdRiff Sidekick to find the photos that were provided by local theaters and insert a small selection in the email to pique the journalist’s interest.




Add visual punch to your presentations

Whether you’re running a seminar at a tourism conference or hosting a webinar for local tourism operators, visuals are the lifeblood of your presentation. Strong visuals help keep people engaged and help you tell your story. With CrowdRiff Sidekick, you can elevate any presentation in a matter of clicks.



Everyone on your team can use CrowdRiff Sidekick

From summer interns to C-level executives, everyone uses visuals. CrowdRiff Sidekick gives your whole team instant access to your CrowdRiff library without having to go to the back end of the platform.

CrowdRiff Sidekick is just one of the many ways CrowdRiff makes you a better marketer on a daily basis.

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The featured image was taken by Jeremy Galliani and shared on Unsplash.