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  2. 2024 Content Calendar Template for Destination Marketers

2024 Content Calendar Template for Destination Marketers

Use this free template to:

  • Get your marketing organized, keep your content plans flexible, and collaborate better
  • Plan out your editorial, social, and advertising content and the visuals you’ll need to make them successful
  • Free up your time to focus on the highest impact ways to promote your destination and its partners

Plan ahead to maximize the impact of your DMO’s marketing

As a destination marketer, how do you get your marketing organized so it drives the biggest impact? It’s easier said than done!

Lucky for you, we’ve put together this handy content calendar template to help you.

It will help you plan your editorial, social, and advertising placements for the year ahead, and identify which visual content and image credits you’ll need to deliver each project and promote your destination.

Rather than playing catch up all year, you’ll be able to plan ahead on a monthly basis, while still remaining flexible as guidelines and the state of travel adapts throughout the year.

With everything written down in your content calendar, you’ll also be better placed to share your plans and collaborate within your DMO, with journalists, and more.

We hope this calendar helps you keep your content on track, and makes your marketing more organized than ever!