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European Cities Marketing Announces New Partnership with CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff European Cities Marketing partnership

European Cities Marketing announces new partnership with CrowdRiff to support European destinations on rebuilding towards a sustainable and healthy tourism economy. 

TORONTO – February 11, 2021 – European Cities Marketing, the association for Tourist Boards, Convention Bureaux, and City Marketing Organisations in Europe just signed an agreement with CrowdRiff, provider of a visual content marketing platform used by 800+ brands around the world. CrowdRiff is the innovative software DMOs rely on through the COVID-19 recovery and beyond by sourcing, acquiring rights to, and leveraging visuals.

Partnering with CrowdRiff strengthens ECM’s need and constant wish to provide its members with more education and feedback from key industry players on opportunities to be more productive with effective solutions. 2021 will be a year of reconstructing tourism and this will require European Destinations to start by engaging their locals, and rebuilding towards a sustainable and healthy tourism economy. Post-COVID, user-generated content and visual storytelling have become essential tools for rebuilding trust with travelers both domestically and internationally in order to make travel good for people, and the planet.

Partnering with European Cities Marketing reinforces CrowdRiff’s desire to strengthen its growing presence and commitment to the European tourism industry. The partnership not only expounds on an already meaningful relationship with ECM, but also strengthens CrowdRiff’s footprint through regular contribution to ECM conferences and “Power of Community” communication series throughout 2021. 

"We're pleased to partner with European Cities Marketing at this critical time for the European tourism industry," said Dan Holowack, CEO of CrowdRiff. "Destinations are preparing now for the return of travel, with a focus on sustainability and harmony with local resident life. We are committed to providing European destinations with the tools and education to stay top of mind with travelers through authentic visual stories.”

In welcoming the new partnership, the ECM President, Petra Stušek, declared: “It is important that ECM continues to develop industry partnerships that will help our members in their daily work life. We are glad to get CrowdRiff’s overview and expertise which will be key to rebuild towards a sustainable visitor economy.”