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12 LGBTQIA+ Voices to Follow in Travel and Tourism Right Now

With Pride celebrations—both virtual and IRL—in full swing around the globe, we encourage travel brands to ask themselves: “How does my destination support LGBTQIA+ travelers, residents, and local businesses year-round?” 

In that same spirit, we’ve compiled a shortlist of 12 LGBTQIA+ voices you should be following in the travel and tourism world right now. Get to know the founders, content creators, activists, authors, and influencers shaping the future of inclusive travel.

Want to take it one step further as an ally? Reach out to these creators, partner with them for your brand or destination’s upcoming campaigns, and share their talents widely. 

1 | Meg Ten Eyck | megteneyck on Instagram

Meg Ten Eyck is an award-winning content creator and the CEO of EveryQueer, a brand that celebrates queer culture and activism. Meg has also contributed to publications like Huffington Post, Skyscanner, and Matador Network, sharing experiences on everything from tips on traveling while LGBTQIA+ to destination wedding planning. 

2 | The Queer Nomads | thequeernomads on Instagram

Aisha and Lexie celebrate “queer black magic” with a healthy dose of travel and lifestyle content. The Queer Nomads educate their followers on everything from UK Black History efforts to the origins of Pride, all while sharing beautiful, authentic glimpses of their everyday life.

3 | Perry Cohen | The Venture Out Project

Founded by Perry Cohen, the Venture Out Project (TVOP) coordinates backpacking and wilderness trips for the transgender and queer community in the Pacific Northwest and New England. They don’t stop there though; the Venture Out Project also provides workshops to encourage inclusion and education on trans issues. TVOP provides a celebratory community and safe spaces for outdoor recreation while LGBTQIA+. 

4 | Ed Salvato | ed.salvato on Instagram

If you’re looking for thought leadership in the world of LGBTQIA+ travel, Ed Salvato is one to watch. Ed is an author, educator, and passionate speaker who currently adjunct teaches at the NYU Tisch School of Hospitality. His mission is to help destinations speak more authentically with LGBTQIA+ audiences.

5 | Alba B. | alba.balbastre on Instagram

Cologne, France-based LGBTQIA+ lifestyle and travel blogger Alba’s photography is romantic, dreamy, and the perfect inspiration for an upcoming trip to Western Europe.

6 | Chris and Alex | itschrisandalex on Instagram

Chris and Alex, the duo behind “Burrito and Tortilla” use their platform on a wide array of topics. Chris and Alex educate on topics important to the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond, including sharing their favorite travel experiences and stays. 

7 | Joey Amato | thatprideguy on Instagram

Joey is a publisher of Pride Journeys, a lifestyle brand that publishes a directory of the best cities, hotels, and experiences for LGBTQIA+ travelers. He’s also an advocate for brands allocating funds to LGBTQIA+ organizations throughout the fiscal year. 

“A lot of brands—not just in travel—think that slapping a rainbow on their logo and taking out a booth at a Pride festival is the best way to show support…[They] spend their entire budget on Pride and get frustrated when they receive little ROI for the rest of the year… it’s because they are front-loading their support,” says Joey. “Every city has multiple LGBTQ organizations that would love more support.”

8 | Bani Amor | baniamor on Instagram

Bani’s work has appeared on CNN Traveler, Afar, Fodor’s Travel, and Bitch Media. Bani explores the intersection of race, location, and power, and their work is particularly focused on decolonizing travel writing and culture.

9 | Hannah + Alia | hersandhers_ on Instagram

Pride Month is more than parades and events; it’s also a celebration of queer love, like Hannah and Alia’s. They use their platform to uplift their 86k Instagram followers, sharing personal stories from their daily lives and global travels. Listen to their podcast “The Hers & Hers Vibe” for thoughts on pop culture, mental health, travel, and LGBTQIA+ activism.

10 | Rachel Covello | outcoastfl on Instagram

Rachel Covello publishes OUTCOAST Florida, a digital magazine that promotes the state of Florida as an LGBTQIA+ inclusive destination to visit, celebrate and live. Rachel is also passionate about educating brands on being better allies.

“I find performative activism continues to be a problem in the travel industry, although I see it getting better in many areas. It’s important to represent LGBTQ in marketing year-round — through images, content, and social media posts,” says Rachel. “Put your money where your marketing is! Support those who you want to do business with you rather than tokenize when convenient and trending to do so.”

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