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3 Tips to Surface More Relevant Content in Your CrowdRiff Library

We can all agree that sharing authentic visuals of travelers not only attracts more visitors and creates a sense of FOMO—”fear of missing out”—but also encourages locals to explore their own destination, and all that it has to offer. 

Maybe you’re known for having the most pristine beaches, a world-class culinary scene, or impressive nature escapes. But even if you have a steady supply of fresh, locally-sourced UGC of these attractions coming into your CrowdRiff library, how do you quickly surface the right visuals for the right occasion?

As you continue your COVID-19 recovery efforts, here are three tips to help you find relevant, enticing content using what’s already in your library:

  1. Use the quality filter
  2. Filter by date
  3. Exclude keywords

1 | Use the quality filter

Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s important to share content with beautiful aesthetics. Higher quality photos can make hidden gems in your area shine and draw people to them. They can also help locals connect more with businesses in their neighborhood, convert potential travelers, and keep people on your website longer. 



To find this content in CrowdRiff, use the quality filter in the search bar drop-down menu. The quality filter is defaulted to 30/100 whenever you perform a new search. This will hide content like awkward selfies, flyers, memes, screenshots and blurry photos. To see the highest quality content in your library, slide the filter to at least 60/100.



2 | Filter by date

With destinations having to swiftly shift to different phases of re-opening, surfacing the most recent content shows real-time visual proof of what’s happening on the ground. This helps build trust with locals and future travelers.


To find timely visuals, enable either the quick filter Added in the last 7 days or the advanced filter Added to CrowdRiff at, and select a date range to narrow your search. These filters will help you find the most up-to-date visuals for your marketing needs, like galleries that promote regional travel or small gatherings.



3 | Exclude keywords

Excluding words or keywords can be a powerful way to filter out unwanted content from your search. During this uncertain time when visitors and locals may still be wary about going to crowded places, you may want to look for visuals with few to no people in them.


To surface the best content without any people, use the advanced filter Has none of the following keywords and type: person, girl, woman, female, man, boy, male, child, people, lady, model, limb, muscle, clothing, pedestrian, crowd, group.


If you’re looking for visuals with some people in them, but not huge crowds, use the same filter, and only exclude words like crowd, group and gathering.



For the best results, we recommend combining all three tips. Bump up that quality score, add a date filter, and exclude keywords to find the most relevant content for the next phase of re-opening.