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Boost Engagement on Your Visuals by 67% with CrowdRiff’s Smart Galleries

Boost engagement on your visuals by 67% with CrowdRiff's new smart galleries

In modern destination marketing, things aren’t always done as much as they are in a perpetual state of improvement.

  • Our web ads are converting at 35%… now how can we get to 50%?
  • We cut the bounce rate on our homepage in half last year… so how do we do it again?
  • We’ve doubled our bookings from overseas travelers… now how do we do the same thing for millennials?

You’re always hungry for more, and that’s what makes you a great marketer. Increasing clicks by 2% per month might not seem like much, but do that for 12 months and you’re at 25%.

Refreshing your visual content is part of that daily hustle.

A slightly more mouth-watering photo of a cannoli might get your food tour ad a few more clicks. Seeing people sampling Merlot straight from the barrel instead of an aerial view of the vineyard might get visitors to spend a few more minutes on your wineries page.

Better visuals create more compelling experiences, which drives results.




CrowdRiff’s smart galleries apply that strategic thinking to the photos and videos you share on your website, using performance data to rearrange the content in your galleries and showcase your most click-worthy visuals.

Set it and forget it

As a destination marketer, you’re always looking for ways to learn and improve, so as soon as you put a photo gallery on your website, you’re probably already asking yourself things like…

  • Are the photos in the first row only getting clicks because they’re seen first?
  • What effect does the quality of a photo have on the photos around it?
  • How long will people find these photos engaging?

Those are all valid questions, and answering them would help you refine your tactics. But let’s be honest, it would be a lot of work (a lot of fairly tedious work, at that) to answer even one of them, and with everything else you have going on, it can be hard to prioritize this type of experimentation, as valuable as it may be.

That’s why we built smart galleries, which effectively run a tiny experiment every time your page is loaded, showing each visitor a slightly different mix of content to measure the impact of things like placement, recency and speed of engagement. Balancing all those factors, we can determine which photos are really moving the needle.

Better yet, you don’t have to take any action to reap the rewards – over time, smart galleries optimize themselves based on what’s proven to be most effective for your specific audience.

Keep your page fresh with zero effort

Take a look at this gallery.


Now refresh your browser and look at it again.

Notice the difference?

Whether there are a few new photos or the order’s different, something changed. This is a smart gallery.

In addition to gathering insightful data that can help you make better content decisions, smart galleries add a little extra life to your page.

As a marketer, you know that content gets stale over time, no matter how compelling it was at first, and anything that gives the sense that the page is constantly being updated gives visitors a reason to return.

Better experience for visitors, better results for you

Travel and tourism brands have already seen the benefits of smart galleries, with an 67% average increase in engagement compared to their standard galleries. That’s a significant jump, especially considering there’s absolutely no day-to-day effort required.

Smart galleries are like a trusted teammate, a resource you can rely on to get the job done.

Smart Galleries Blog Post - photo of happy woman jumping in front of wall with bird painted on it and engagement stat

Data is key to improving experience and performance anywhere in the visitor journey.

We’re used to relying on conversion data to help decide which ad to put money behind and behavioral data to tell us which homepage CTAs are working, but it’s equally important to optimize the pages we’re driving people to, and that’s an everyday job.

That’s why we develop features like smart galleries – to inject your hunger for growth into all your visuals.

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