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How NBTC Holland Marketing Uses Visuals to Bring Their Content to Life [Video]

The goal of NBTC Holland Marketing, the DMO for the Netherlands, is to promote tourism throughout all of Holland. In this video, Jasper Broekhuis, their Social Media Marketing Manager, talks about the importance of visuals to their marketing strategy, how they use UGC, and how CrowdRiff galleries have significantly improved their website metrics.

Here's a transcription and summary of the video above.

My name is Jasper Broekhuis, I am the Social Media Marketing Manager at NBTC Holland Marketing.

NBTC Holland Marketing is the destination marketing organization of the destination Netherlands, where we are responsible for the branding and marketing of the brand Holland.

Spreading the benefits of tourism throughout Holland by promoting lesser-known destinations 

Our goal is that everyone in the Netherlands, from the north to the south, benefits from tourism. We are positioning Holland as a place where travel distances are relatively low. 

We are doing this by means of creating storylines and districts. So, for example, the Van Gogh storyline—you can see his works in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, but not many people know that you can also discover his works in other parts of Holland. 

Visuals are very important for our marketing strategy, because we truly believe that these visuals bring the storylines and the districts to life.

Using CrowdRiff galleries on has led to an increase in time on page, click-through rate, and conversion rate

We are using CrowdRiff for multiple purposes, including our social media accounts as well as our website,, where we have more than 200 galleries live on our website. 

What we have seen is that when we integrated CrowdRiff galleries in our web pages, that they performed tremendously well, and that’s the reason why we also migrated it on other pages on 

What we have seen is that when we integrated CrowdRiff galleries into one of our articles, it generated positive results, such as tripling the users time on page, but also quadrupling click-through rates, and generating a 29% higher conversion rate.

CrowdRiff reduces the time needed to find and request rights to social media content

We are also using CrowdRiff for our social media channels, where we truly would like to inspire people to visit the Netherlands by means of user-generated content.

We use CrowdRiff to find the best assets that are out there, we request the rights to the author to grant their permission, and then we repost on our social media channels. 

Before we started using CrowdRiff, we had to ask people manually for permission to grant their rights, and then we had to rescale it on our cellphones to publish it on our social media channels. I found it very time consuming to ultimately find the right picture that was good enough for our website and social media channels. 

We are very satisfied with CrowdRiff because we truly think it enriches our content.