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[Video] How Visit Savannah & Visit Tybee Use CrowdRiff to Build Websites Packed with UGC

Visit Savannah and Visit Tybee Island are sister Destination Marketing Organizations on the beautiful coast of Georgia. In this video, the team talks about why visuals are an important aspect of authentically telling their story, how they use them on their websites, and how CrowdRiff helps them do so. 

Here’s a transcription and summary of the video above.

My name is Larissa Allen, I’m the Digital Content Manager at Visit Savannah. 

My name is Pamela Knowles, I’m the Digital Content Coordinator for Visit Tybee. 

Using visuals to tell an authentic story and drive awareness

Visit Tybee and Visit Savannah are sister organizations, and our goal is to really bring awareness to our destinations in an authentic way, and visuals really help with that. 

We, as Digital Marketers, can talk all day about why Savannah and Tybee Island are so great, but it’s not until our visitors can show through visuals that the cities are so wonderful that it really comes to light.

So, we use CrowdRiff to source all of our user-generated content on our website, social media, and our print materials. 

Creating an effective, UGC-packed website with CrowdRiff & Simpleview

VisitSavannah.com has a lot of different sections to its website, and having CrowdRiff as a tool to create different galleries that pertain to those different sections just elevates it to a new level. The galleries are in real time, so it’s like the most current Savannah. 

CrowdRiff allows us to source all those photos very quickly in real time, and it automatically uploads to our website, so it saves me a lot of time in that way. 

Our website uses Simpleview for the CMS, and CrowdRiff and Simpleview work very well together. 

Partnering with a travel and tourism-focused brand that puts customers first

I actually think it’s super helpful that CrowdRiff focuses on travel and tourism. If you aren’t in the DMO world, I don’t think you understand how it really operates, and so having a platform that is focused on that makes it very easy for us to talk about our goals and our expectations. 

I love working with CrowdRiff because of the people that we work with. They’re super helpful, if we have an issue or a question, the turnaround time is really quick – generally within the hour I hear back from someone. 

If we didn’t have CrowdRiff, we wouldn’t be able to showcase user-generated content in the very organized way that it is on our website.

Header image courtesy of Jessica Furtney and found on Unsplash