Easily Add Galleries to Your Website With CrowdRiff’s WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress for your website, we’ve got great news for you.

Introducing CrowdRiff’s WordPress plugin, a streamlined way of integrating visual content into your website!

CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform now has a plugin for organizations who run their websites on WordPress. It comes in handy any time you want to add (or switch) a CrowdRiff Gallery on your website. There’s no need to dive into code, or jump back and forth between WordPress and CrowdRiff.

With a custom API key (that you can get from your customer success manager!), it connects the Galleries in your CrowdRiff Console to WordPress — which means adding a gallery is as easy as adding a photo or video.

Here’s how it works:

Step One. In your WordPress editor, you’ll see a “CrowdRiff” button next to “Add Media”. Click that to pull up your Galleries.

Step Two. Select the Gallery you want to use, either by typing the name or scrolling.

Step Three. Press OK and insert!

crowdriff wordpress-plugin-gif

Once you’ve added it, it gives you a preview of the photos, as well as the name of your Gallery. Now you can treat it like any other media element in the WordPress editor.

Ready to get started?

Here are 3 fun ways you can start using the WordPress plugin.

Create visual eating and drinking guides. Create galleries to show off user-generated photos from your most popular cafes, bars, and restaurants, and feature them in a guide!

Check out the one Travel Manitoba made around pumpkin spice, or our own guides for the #ESTO16 and #DMAI16 conferences.

Recap a local event or festival. Festivals and special events are hotspots for user-generated content. Recapping the event in a blog post or event page is a fantastic way to share the fun memories!

Showcase visual influencers. We’ve used CrowdRiff to find and feature influencers and Instagrammers in Portland, Ottawa, Colorado (and more) on our blog. Show some love to the people doing amazing things on Instagram, and amplify their voices!

CrowdRiff’s WordPress plugin makes it easier to add visual content to your website. We can’t wait to see you get some great use out of it.

And if you’re not a CrowdRiff customer yet, no worries! Find out what CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform can do for you today.

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